Composer Plugin for simpler registration of Rector extension configs


Rector Extension Installer


Composer plugin for automatic installation of Rector extensions.


composer require --dev rector/extension-installer

Instructions for extension developers

It's best to set the extension's composer package type to rector-extension for this plugin to be able to recognize it and to be discoverable on Packagist.

Add rector key in the extension composer.json's extra section:

  "extra": {
    "rector": {
      "includes": [


The extension installer depends on Composer script events, therefore you cannot use --no-scripts flag.

  • Change composer require in

    Change composer require in

    Change from recto/rector-installer to rector/extension-installer

    Resolves: #4

    opened by sabbelasichon 1
  • Make use of rector-phpstan-rules

    Make use of rector-phpstan-rules

    opened by TomasVotruba 0
  • Add practical test

    Add practical test

    Plugin tests now currently depends on require-dev, which is conflict with composer/composer 2, resp. composer/xdebug-handle 1/2.

    The mocks are quite hard to read and not sure if they actually test the process of installing package. I look for some simple practical real-life usage test - like these we get reported in Rector issues :)

    I found this one:

    Checking phpstan extension installer, they use it too:

    It closer to real-life usage (composer require rector/extension-installer && composer install), easier to copy and debug, so I switch to it in this PR

    opened by TomasVotruba 0
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