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A free and ethical photo sharing platform, powered by ActivityPub federation.

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Documentation for Pixelfed can be found on the Pixelfed documentation website.


Pixelfed is open-sourced software licensed under the AGPL license.


The ways you can communicate on the project are below. Before interacting, please read through the Code Of Conduct.

Pixelfed Sponsors

We would like to extend our thanks to the following sponsors for funding Pixelfed development. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please visit the Pixelfed Patreon Page

  • PixelFed Logo Contest

    PixelFed Logo Contest

    The logo contest is now closed. Thank you to all that participated.

    1st place logo: (congrats @rnarrkus!) 2nd place logo: 3rd place logo: 4th place logo: 5th place logo:

    Winning mascot:

    I will reach out to each winner to handle the prize money transfer!

    Some very generous donors have offered $450 USD to the winning PixelFed logo, and $250 for other prizes!

    A call for PixelFed logos, y'all! Jump in! I will *donate $200USD to the winning #MastoArt'ist that may get picked (this or any other server). You will need to create the logo as well as a hero/header. 2 creative commons released assets. @dansup has full option to pick.

    $200 pledge: for 1st place logo $50 pledge: for 1st place logo $200 pledge: for 1st place logo $200 pledge by to split between 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place logos ($50 ea)! $50 pledge by @dansup for the winning mascot.


    • This contest is open to anyone, all entries must be posted as a comment to this issue.
    • The contest will be open for ~1 week~ 2 Weeks.
    • I will pick the winning logos and mascot after the contest has closed.
    • Licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA-4.0).
    • Provide assets in .png & .svg formats
    • Do not downvote or thumbs down an entry, any thumbs down will be considered thumbs up!
    • Please thumbs up the entries you like the most, it will help me decide which one to pick!


    Place | Contest | Prize --- | --- | --- 1st | Logo | $450 2nd | Logo | $50 3rd | Logo | $50 4th | Logo | $50 5th | Logo | $50 1st | Mascot | $50

    Good luck!

    πŸ‘€ UI 
    opened by dansup 39
  • Relicence Pixelfed as AGPLv3

    Relicence Pixelfed as AGPLv3

    I would like Pixelfed to follow in the steps of Mastodon, Pleroma, GNUSocial, Peertube and Friendica in licencing Pixelfed as APGL.


    There are numerous reasons why I believe AGPL is a better licence than the MIT licence for such a project, and let me go over my thoughts on the subject.


    The AGPL licence would make instances of Pixelfed legally liable to publish their source code if they create any sort of modification, this promotes a culture of honesty present in the majority of the fediverse.

    Why is Honesty Important?

    One of the major reasons people originally moved to the fediverse from places like twitter is because we can't trust the twitter corporate to have our best interests in mind. One of the reasons we can do this is because the majority of the code is open source, and not only that, individual instances also must publish their source code so we can all benefit mutually from each others work and see that nothing that would breach that trust.


    Because people are forced to share implimentations, we can achieve a consistent user experience. GPL code discourages proprietary implimentations because they must be shared amongst every other developer, who can then see and impliment either a consistent protocol that works in the same way or to even directly lift code from that developer and impliment it in their own project.

    Code will head upstream

    This is more a directly practical example, but you have access to other implimentations that you could merge upstream. This is more the linus argument on the utility of the GPL.

    here is a quote from an article on CIO last year by Linus on the GPL and linux.

    Hohndel, who has been involved with the kernel for a very long time, said that during the past 25 years there have been many challenges, and one of the biggest challenges was the possibility of fragmentation. "How do we keep one single kernel?" he asked.
    "I used to be worried about fragmentation, and I used to think that it was inevitable at some point," said Torvalds. β€œEveryone was looking at the history of Linux and comparing it with UNIX. People would say that it’s going to fail because it's going to fragment. That's what happened before, so why even bother?"
    What made the difference was the license. "FSF [Free Software Foundation] and I don't have a loving relationship, but I love GPL v2," said Torvalds. "I really think the license has been one of the defining factors in the success of Linux because it enforced that you have to give back, which meant that the fragmentation has never been something that has been viable from a technical standpoint."

    Open isn't Free

    I left the 'moral' argument for last because I'm not certain where you stand on Free vs Open Source Software. If you do not swap you would be the only permissively licenced relevant implimentation of Activitypub. This would allow easy corporate entry into our ecosphere which is largely dominated by freedom respecting implimentations. Provided they become popular, they could impliment proprietary extensions to the protocol and cause people to race to keep up if they become a major player in the ecosphere. Your implimentation could in essence, be a trojan horse for a much worse player in the ecosphere.

    Please consider my thoughts and change the licence to AGPLv3.

    πŸ›οΈ Legal πŸš¨ Priority: Critical πŸ’­ Suggestion πŸ’Ό WIP 
    opened by oct2pus 31
  • Image orientation not detected in compose UI

    Image orientation not detected in compose UI

    Trying to upload portrait photos, the orientation doesn't get correctly detected and they're displayed as landscape both in the "Create Post" dialog as well as on the feed once uploaded.

    πŸ› Bug πŸ‘€ UI πŸ’Ό WIP πŸ§  Backend 
    opened by muesli 24
  • Can't change profile picture on

    Can't change profile picture on

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Go to Account Settings
    2. Click "Change Profile Photo"
    3. Choose file, "Upload" button remains dimmed but clickable
    4. Click "Upload," nothing happens.
    πŸ› Bug πŸ‘€ UI πŸ’Ό WIP 
    opened by v7rzlhb3xg 20
  • Similarity between multi-colour Pixelfed and Apple Photos logo

    Similarity between multi-colour Pixelfed and Apple Photos logo

    I don't know whether this is a big problem, but at least the multi-colour version of the new Pixelfed logo looks very much like the logo of Apple's Photos app

    It's probably important to think about whether this can be problematic

    ohne titel apple-photos-app-logo

    πŸ›οΈ Legal πŸ‘€ UI 
    opened by jumoru 20
  • Profile images dosnt load on S3 #3843 not solved

    Profile images dosnt load on S3 #3843 not solved

    @dansup still have the same problem. did exactly as you mentioned. I have the latest version and useing cloudron. would appreciate if you could help.


    opened by ehsan0921 18
  • Support PostgreSQL or MariaDB

    Support PostgreSQL or MariaDB

    It seems you support only MySQL server which is packaged by none of the majors Linux distributions today.

    Is it possible to support either PostgreSQL or MariaDB just to allow administrator to easily deploy PixelFed ?

    πŸ”§ Compatibility βš™οΈ Deployment 
    opened by AMDG2 18
  • Usernames with symbols are not searchable

    Usernames with symbols are not searchable

    For some reason, my account @[email protected] can not be found with the search on It can be found on other federated servers like It doesn't matter if I search for the full name with instance, just the name or with/without the '@' in front. This is both true for me searching for myself as well as friends searching for me.

    I tried to search for other accounts and found that some are also not discover-able. Common issue seems to be a special character like '_' or '-' in the name.

    πŸ› Bug πŸ•ΈοΈ ActivityPub 
    opened by Chaos99 16
  • Allow login using username as well

    Allow login using username as well

    Expected behavior

    I can log in with my email address or my username.

    Actual behavior

    I can only use my email address to log in.


    Usernames are unique as well as email addresses, which makes them a valid identifier to log in. And they usually are shorter, which makes them more convenient.

    βž•Enhancement πŸ€” In-Depth 
    opened by MrPetovan 16
  • Basic features don’t work (Direct messages and filters no longer work)

    Basic features don’t work (Direct messages and filters no longer work)

    When trying to send a direct message it appears the admin of the instance is unable to send the message nor does a user is able to send a direct message to another user but a user can only send a direct message to the first admin that too lands in filtered messages and cannot be opened else the link breaks as the following image.

    when attempted to open the filtered message or when a user is trying to send to direct message another user the following errors shows up page is broken

    (simply a user cannot send a direct message to another user)



    Filters don’t apply either see the following image attached

    6D6A809C-7905-4A5B-BD6B-E8C5F9F0560D 7DC7BC65-B4E1-4115-8DAE-28BC8EAB07A8 E5171BC6-F61A-45F3-9D47-86183D1F372D 113B12EE-8613-4909-A885-D3A788CAE57E

    Post editing link is broken as well see the following attached

    0A6614C2-2933-46B8-83E3-D33B6912E101 D9C16F26-5163-44C3-A11F-4A661DC409D7

    opened by ghost 15
  • Error 500 at instance (SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range)

    Error 500 at instance (SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range)

    Describe the bug

    I tried to unfollow a user, at instance, and I got an error message ("Oops! An error occurred when attempting to unfollow this account.").

    Looking for more information at Console I found this response:

    SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range in '(`forge`.`profiles`.`following_count` - 1)' (SQL: update `profiles` set `following_count` = `following_count` - 1, `profiles`.`updated_at` = 2022-06-08 22:11:19 where `id` = 434409099228093267 and `profiles`.`deleted_at` is null)


    Steps to reproduce

    1. Signup/Login into a account.
    2. Follow the @[email protected] account.
    3. Later, try to unfollow that user.

    Expected behavior

    • Unfollow any user that I want without error.


    Screenshot of Pixelfed error message

    Additional notes

    • I tried to unfollow the user from many ways (profile, popover card, desktop, mobile, different browsers, etc.)
    opened by ivanmendoza 14


    ENABLE_CONFIG_CACHE and CUSTOM_EMOJI can be added in the stack.env but only with the value "false". If you add the value "true", the container will not start. You can add the value true later only if the container starts with false.


    opened by mariushosting 1
  • The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed

    The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed


    The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed. {"exception":"[object] (Laravel\Passport\Exceptions\OAuthServerException(code: 3): The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed. at /pixelfed/vendor/laravel/passport/src/Http/Controllers/HandlesOAuthErrors.php:26)


    opened by okpierre 0
  • Portfolio not working any more.

    Portfolio not working any more.


    Portfolio somehow stopped working or to be more precise: it froze in the state of about 2 weeks ago.

    New posts after that do not show up in the portfolio. Even if the portfolio is manually curated and the posts are correctly marked to be shown, the new ones are not shown in the portfolio.

    Older Posts are correctly shown either way. So I assume that something with the postings changed that they are not found by the portfolio any more.

    Greetings, Ulrich

    opened by uk3 0
  • Connection refused has_legal_notice

    Connection refused has_legal_notice


    Log flooded with this message:

    Connection refused (SQL: select * from config_cache where k = instance.has_legal_notice limit 1) (View: /pixelfed/resources/views/layouts/partial/footer.blade.php) (View: /pixelfed/resources/views/layouts/partial/footer.blade.php) (View: /pixelfed/resources/views/layouts/partial/footer.blade.php) {"exception":"[object] (Illuminate\View\ViewException(code: 0): SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused (SQL: select * from config_cache where k = instance.has_legal_notice limit 1) (View: /pixelfed/resources/views/layouts/partial/footer.blade.php) (View: /pixelfed/resources/views/layouts/partial/footer.blade.php) (View: /pixelfed/resources/views/layouts/partial/footer.blade.php) at /pixelfed/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Connection.php:760)`

    opened by okpierre 0
  • App login not working when switching users

    App login not working when switching users

    Upon login, the app opens a web view, which is already logged in when there's a session in my device's browser.

    I want to change accounts, so instead of granting permissions I hit the change user link in the web view, log into the correct account, and get taken to the home timeline, not back to the app authentication screen.

    Had to go back to the app, tap log in again and was able to grant permissions to the correct account after.

    This is backend behaviour rather than the apps fault, so I open the report here.

    opened by hnrd 0
  • v0.11.4(Oct 5, 2022)

    New Features

    • Custom content warnings/spoiler text (d4864213)
    • Add NetworkTimelineService cache (1310d95c)
    • Customizable Legal Notice page (0b7d0a96)


    • Replaced predis with phpredis as default redis driver due to predis being deprecated, install phpredis if you're still using predis.


    • Improve S3 support by removing ListObjects call in media deletion (#3438)
    • Enforce UTC in incoming activities (18931a1f)
    • Add storage flags to admin dashboard diagnostics (#3444)
    • Hardcode UTC application timezone to prevent timezone issues (b0d2c5e1)
    • Remove arbitrary metro url redirect timeout (84209c24)
    • Fix JSON-LD contexts (#3464)
    • Fix json-ld attributes, fixes #3423 (95f902b1)
    • Add trusted proxies flag to admin dashboard diagnostics (#3450)
    • Fix json-ld attributes, fixes #3423 (95f902b1)
    • Update exp config, enforce mastoapi compatibility by default (a160b233)
    • Update home timeline, redirect to /i/web unless force_old_ui is present (5ff4730f)
    • Update adminReportController, fix mail verification request 500 bug by changing filter precedence to catch deleted users that may still be cached in AccountService (3f322e29)
    • Update AP Helpers, fix getSensitive and getScope missing parameters (657c66c1)
    • Fix mastodon api compatibility (#3499)
    • Add ffmpeg config, disable logging by default (108e3803)
    • Refactor AP profileFetch logic to fix race conditions and improve updating fields and avatars (505261da)
    • Update network timeline api, limit falloff to 2 days (13a66303)
    • Update Inbox, store follow request activity (c82f2085)
    • Update UserFilterService, improve cache strategy by using in-memory state via UserFilterObserver for empty lists with a ttl of 90 days (9c17def4)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, add network timeline support via NetworkTimelineService (f54fd6e9)
    • Bump max_collection_length default to 100 from 18 (65cf9cca)
    • Improve follow request flow, federate rejections and delete rejections from database to properly handle future follow requests from same actor (4470981a)
    • Update follower counts on follow_request approval (e97900a0)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, improve local/remote logic in public timeline endpoint (4ff179ad)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, fix network timeline (11e99d78)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, fix public timeline min/max id pagination (a7613bae)
    • Improve CollectionService cache invalidation, fixes #3548 (44f4a9ed)
    • Improve inbox status deletion cache invalidation (1eba7f81)
    • Update MediaDeletePipeline, fix async media deletion (bb1cccbe)
    • Fix timeline infinite scroll (03a85460)
    • Fix remote avatar urls when not using cloud storage (672f7c8c)
    • Update ResetPasswordController redirectTo path to /i/web as /home is deprecated (8803c6de)
    • Fix v1 api block/mute endpoints, refresh RelationshipService cache after relationship changes (54a5c3be)
    • Fix NotificationService bug returning html response on /api/v1/notifications endpoint when a notification id belonging to a deleted account is rendered by checking AccountService before NotificationTransformer. (734b30e5)
    • Hydrate favourited and reblogged state on v1 context endpoint (abb4f7e1)
    • Improve admin dashboard by moving expensive stats to its page and loading stats and recent data async on the dashboard home page (9d52b9c2)
    • Update unfollow api endpoint to only decrement when appropriate, fixes #3539 (44de1ad7)
    • Improve cache invalidation after processing VideoThumbnail to eliminate "No Preview Available" on grid feeds (47571887)
    • Use poster in VideoPresenter component (a3cc90b0)
    • Fix mastoapi notification type casting to include comment and share (mention and reblog) notifications (eba84530)
    • Fix email verification requests filtering to gracefully handle deleted accounts and accounts already verified (b57066d1)
    • Add configuration to v1/instance endpoint. Fixes #3605 (2fb18b7d)
    • Fix remote account post counts (149cf9dc)
    • Enforce blocks on incoming likes, shares, replies and follows on all endpoints (1545e37c)
    • Fix unlisted post web redirect and api response (6033d837)
    • Remove quilljs from admin page editor, fixes #3616 (75fbd373)
    • Fix AdminStatService cache key, fixes #3612 (d1dbed89)
    • Improve mute/block v1 api endpoints, fixes #3540 (c3e8a0e4)
    • Set Last-Modified header for atom feeds, fixes #2988 (c18dcde3)
    • Add instance post/profile embed config setting (7734dc03)
    • Remove remote posts from NetworkTimelineService when processing Tombstones (2e4f2377)
    • Limit NotificationService to 400 items (f6ed560e)
    • Refactor discover accounts endpoint, cache popular accounts and remove following check as most invocations are from new accounts (016b11f3)
    • Fix cache invalidation in AdminSettingsController when updating rules (fe6787f7)
    • Update SearchApiService, improve account/webfinger results (533f7165)
    • Update NotificationService, fix account attribute (949b7bb6)
    • Update DeleteWorker, remove cache lock (6d6a033a)
    • Fix SearchApiV2Service, improve webfinger condition (9d31f73b)
    • Update inbox handler, upsert statuses to fix duplicate bug. Fixes #2670, #2961, #3556 (2c20d9e3)
    • Update AP helpers, remove cache lock from profileUpdateOrCreate method and move webfinger + key_id to unique constraints to fix sql duplicate errors (bc2bbc14)
    • Add migrations to fix webfinger profiles (66aa8bf9)
    • Update ap helpers, move remote_url constraint (acd8f5bb)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, fix typo in statavouriteById method (c91a6a75)
    • Update InboxPipeline, fix peertube attributedTo parsing (99fb80bf)
    • Update Collection components, fix addId bug #3230 (62c05665)
    • Update DirectMessageController, include account entity in lookup endpoint (9e223a6b)
    • Update ApiV1Controller update_credentials endpoint to support app response (61d26e85)
    • Update PronounService, fix json_decode null parameter (d72cd819)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, normalize profile id comparison (374bfdae)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, fix pagination header. Fixes #3354 (4fe07e6f)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, add optional place_id parameter to POST /api/v1/statuses endpoint (ef0d1f84)
    • Update SettingsController, fix double json encoding and cache settings for 7 days (4514ab1d)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, fix mute/block entities (364adb43)
    • Update atom feed, remove invalid entities (e362ef9e)
    • Update StatusObserver, handle events after all transactions are committed (805a014e)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, add collection_ids parameter to /api/v1/statuses endpoint (7ae21fc3)
    • Update ApiV1Controller, add comments_disabled param to /api/v1/statuses endpoint (95b58610)
    • Update ap helpers to handle disabled comments (92f56c9b)
    • Update CollectionController, limit max title and description length (6e76cf4b)
    • Update collection components, fix title/description padding/overflow bug and add title/description limit and input counter (6e4272a8)
    • Update Media model, fix thumbnail cdn paths (9888af12)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.11.3(May 9, 2022)


    • Custom Emoji (#3166)
    • LDAP Authentication (#3296)

    Metro 2.0 UI

    • Dark Mode (cb540373)
    • Added Hovercards (16ced7b4)
    • Fix word-break on statuses (16ced7b4)
    • Add pronouns to hovercards (33f863e8)
    • Improved onboarding (042c5b6c)
    • Add Hide Counts & Stats setting (01af7d80)
    • Fix nsfw videos not displaying sensitive warning (01af7d80)
    • Easy Avatar updates - update from timelines with drag-n-drop support (f37d3798)
    • Comment hovercards (f37d3798)
    • Mod tools button on posts for admins (f37d3798)
    • Improved Media Previews - disable to restore original preview aspect ratios (c55eeac8)
    • Moved media license to post header (390f3ab0)
    • Mobile app drawer menu (7b4318fd)
    • Add Preferred Profile Layout UI setting (a816ea66)
    • Fix profile masonry layout on mobile. Fixes #3203 (fdf90f2d)
    • Add search bar to mobile breakpoints and adjust avatar size when necessary (77b9b6bd)
    • Improved profile layout on mobile breakpoints (77b9b6bd)
    • New Discover layout with My Hashtags, My Memories, Account Insights, Find Friends and Server Timelines (0b680099)
    • Fix private profile feed not loading for owner (e950b3b2)
    • Add "Shared by" link to posts that opens a list of accounts that reblogged the post (e4b4bfc1)
    • Notification filters (537af6df)
    • Full screen preview on photo albums (ac40fde1)


    • Updated MediaStorageService, fix remote avatar bug. (1c20d696)
    • Updated WebfingerService. Fixes #3167. (aff74566)
    • Updated ComposeModal, add max file size and allowed mime types. Fixes #3162. (879281cc)
    • Updated profile embeds, fix NaN bug and improve performance. (3bd211d7)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, improve follow count cache invalidation. (4b6effb9)
    • Updated web routes, fix atom feeds for account usernames containing a dot. (8c54ab57)
    • Updated atom feeds, include media alt text. Fixes #3184. (5d9b6863)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add custom_emoji endpoint. (16e72518)
    • Updated InternalApiController, redirect remote post and profiles to Metro 2.0. (3c35158e)
    • Updated BaseApiController, improve favourites endpoint. (f063cb01)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, invalidate status reply cache on new reply. (3c261bbf)
    • Updated PublicApiController, add bookmark state to timeline endpoints. (c0b1e042)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix private status replies returning 404. (73226360)
    • Updated StatusService, use BookmarkService for bookmarked state. (a7d71551)
    • Updated Apis, added ReblogService to improve reblogged state for api entities (6cfd6be5)
    • Updated InstanceActorController, fix content-type header. (21792246)
    • Updated Exception handler to report validation message bag errors. (74905ba1)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add validation messages to update_credentials endpoint. (cd785601)
    • Updated ComposeController, improve location search results ordering by use frequency. (29c4bd25)
    • Updated AvatarController, fix mimetype bug. (7fa9d4dc)
    • Updated PostComponent.vue, filter out non-text comments. (a7346f21)
    • Updated Profile.vue component, fix v-once bug. (4d003d00)
    • Updated filesystems config, set S3 visibility to public by default. Fixes #2913. (49a53c27)
    • Updated CommentPipeline, improve parent reply_count calculation. (ccc94802)
    • Updated StatusTagsPipeline, process federated hashtags and mentions (a84b1736)
    • Updated Inbox, fix undo announce. (cf286fb0)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, improve favourites endpoint. (151dc17c)
    • Updated StatusController, set missing reblog/share type. (548a12a4)
    • Updated index view, remove shortcut from favicon meta tag. Fixes #3196. (6e2cb3cd)
    • Updated CollectionController, fix broken unauthenticated access. Fixes #3242. (bd249f0c)
    • Updated ComposeController, add collection support to compose endpoint. (ec2cfaf5)
    • Updated instance config, match default oauth settings in AuthServiceProvider. (52f25ff1)
    • Updated ComposeModal.vue, fix redirect after posting. Fixes #3254. (5db64e94)
    • Updated StatusController, redirect status view for authed users to Metro 2.0 UI. (71dff472)
    • Updated ProfileController, redirect profile view for authed users to Metro 2.0 UI. (7f8129a7)
    • Updated SpaController, fix variable typo. Fixes #3268. (8d1af1d6)
    • Updated ComposeModal, fix post redirect on old UI. (160e32a5)
    • Updated LikeService, improve caching logic and add profile id to likedBy method to fix #3271. (6af842eb)
    • Updated admin diagnostics, add more configuration data to help diagnose potential issues. (eab96fc3)
    • Updated ConfigCacheService, fix discover features. (ad48521a)
    • Updated MediaTransformer, fix type case bug. Fixes #3281. (c1669253)
    • Updated SpaController, redirect web ui hashtags to legacy page for unauthenticated users. (a44b812b)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fixes #3288. (3e670774)
    • Updated AP Helpers, fixes #3287. (b78bff72)
    • Updated AP Helpers, fixes #3290. (53975206)
    • Updated AccountController, refresh relationship after handling follow request. (fe768785)
    • Updated CollectionController, fixes #3289. (c7e1e473)
    • Updated SpaController, handle web redirects. (b6c6c85b)
    • Updated presenter components, remove video poster attribute. (4d612dfa)
    • Improved reblog api performance (3ef6c9fe)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix unlisted replies. (c13bca76)
    • Updated SearchApiV2Service, filter banned instances. (281443d7)
    • Updated DiscoverController, fix favourited state on memories. (b91747b4)
    • Updated InboxPipeline, fixes #3306. (20710f4d)
    • Updated inbox workers, fixes #3304. (cd4f73be)
    • Updated Inbox, fixes #3305. (14231632)
    • Updated Inbox, fixes #3313. (1c3e72c0)
    • Updated Inbox, fixes #3314. (dfcd2e6d)
    • Updated search service, fix banned instance edge case. (74018e9c)
    • Updated inbox, fixes #3315. (c3c3ce18)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix instance endpoint. (c383f100)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, marshal json without escaped slashes. (89303fa4)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix statusCreate validator. (b6b15b0c)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix notification entities. (afe903c3)
    • Updated FederationController, fix webfinger endpoint. (a0e15d89)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix context entities. (b1ab41e0)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix timeline default limit. (a87f8301)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix search v2 entities. (9dac861e)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix apps endpoint. (50baae52)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add apps/verify_credentials endpoint. (c4d38c20)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, increase max limion timelines. (df22f2e4)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add preferences endpoint. (c3e56b87)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix tag timeline limits and remove has(media) constraint. (8c65d60b)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add trends endpoint. (d40a8453)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add announcements endpoint. (fbe07c51)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add markers endpoint. (93a9769e)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, increase limits from 80 to 100. (15eccd44)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix accountStatusesById endpoint. (db7b1af3)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, update statusCreate entity. (a84ab6ea)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, remove pinned attribute to match MastoAPI Status entity. (6057de30)
    • Updated controller signatures, fix mysql 8 support. (72e3d891)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, remove no-preview image from media urls. (37dfb101)
    • Updated DeleteAccountPipeline, fix perf issues. (a9edd93f)
    • Updated DeleteAccountPipeline, improve coverage. (4870cc3b)
    • Updated media model, use original photo url for non-existent thumbnails. (9b04b9d8)
    • Updated PlaceController, require authentication. (e7783af6)
    • Updated PublicApiController, disable legacy public access to local timeline. (6ba7d433)
    • Updated DiscoverController, cache public tag feed and only include local posts for unauthenticated users. (0541aed5)
    • Updated DiscoverController, improve tag feed performance. (d8ff40eb)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix timeline pagination. (a5cdc28b)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add missing pagination header. (5649873a)
    • Updated CollectionController, limit unpublished collections to owner. (a0061eb5)
    • Updated AP Inbox, fixes #3332. (f8931dc7)
    • Updated AdminReportController, add account delete button. (563817a9)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, added /api/v2/media endpoint, fixes #3405. (f07cc14c)
    • Updated AP fanout, added Content-Type and User-Agent for activity delivery. (@noellabo) (209c125)
    • Updated DirectMessageController to support new Metro 2.0 UI DMs. (a4659fd2)
    • Updated Like model, bump max likes per day from 100 to 200. (71ba5fed)
    • Updated HashtagService, use sorted set for followed tags. (153eb6ba)
    • Updated Discover component, fixed post side effects (fixes #3409). (fe5a92b2)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.11.2(Jan 10, 2022)


    • Dropped support for PHP 7.3 #3041

    Metro 2.0 UI

    • Added UI Settings modal and fixed height media previews setting (f2467e71)
    • Set max-width of 1440px for larger screens (af68872a)
    • Add link to sidebar profile card (85964510)
    • Improved search bar, now resolves (and imports) remote accounts and posts, including webfinger addresses (c8a667f2)
    • Added user facing changelog at /i/web/whats-new (e61dc66a)


    • Enable network timeline by default (b95aec12)

    Postgres Compatibility

    • Fix Story recent endpoint on postgres instances (ddf41dc3)
    • Fix Direct Message conversations endpoint on postgres instances (fcabc9be)


    • Manual email verification requests. (bc659387)
    • Added StatusMentionService, fixes #3026. (e5387d67)
    • Cloud Backups, a command to store backups on S3 or compatible filesystems. #3037 (3515a98e)
    • Web UI Localizations + Crowdin integration. (f7d9b40b) (7ff120c9)
    • Store remote avatars locally if S3 not enabled. (b4bd0400)


    • Updated NotificationService, fix 500 bug. (4a609dc3)
    • Updated HttpSignatures, update instance actor headers. Fixes #2935. (a900de21)
    • Updated NoteTransformer, fix tag array. (7b3e672d)
    • Updated video presenters, add playsinline attribute to video tags. (0299aa5b)
    • Updated RemotePost, RemoteProfile components, add fallback avatars. (754151dc)
    • Updated FederationController, move well-known to api middleware and cache webfinger lookups. (4505d1f0)
    • Updated InstanceActorController, improve json seralization by not escaping slashes. (0a8eb81b)
    • Refactor following & relationship logic. Replace FollowerObserver with FollowerService and added RelationshipService to cache results. Removed NotificationTransformer includes and replaced with cached services to improve performance and reduce database queries. (80d9b939)
    • Updated PublicApiController, use AccountService in accountStatuses method. (bef959f4)
    • Updated auth config, add throttle limit to password resets. (2609c86a)
    • Updated StatusCard component, add relationship state button. (0436b124)
    • Updated Timeline component, cascade relationship state change. (f4bd5672)
    • Updated Activity component, only show context button for actionable activities. (7886fd59)
    • Updated Autospam service, use silent classification for better user experience. (f0d4c172)
    • Updated Profile component, improve error messages when block/mute limit reached. (02237845)
    • Updated Activity component, fix missing types. (5167c68d)
    • Updated Timeline component, apply block/mute filters client side for local and network timelines. (be194b8a)
    • Updated public timeline api, use cached sorted set and client side block/mute filtering. (37abcf38)
    • Updated public timeline api, add experimental cache. (192553ff)
    • Updated dark mode styles, fix black box on stories. Closes #2982. (3169f68e)
    • Updated verify_credentials api endpoint to improve performance. (7df3540b)
    • Updated Localization util, filter out .DS_Store. (0107e8fd)
    • Updated PublicApiController, fix private account statuses api. Closes #2995. (aa2dd26c)
    • Updated Status model, use AccountService to generate urls instead of loading profile relation. (2ae527c0)
    • Updated Autospam service, add mark all as read and mark all as not spam options and filter active, spam and not spam reports. (ae8c7517)
    • Updated UserInviteController, fixes #3017. (b8e9056e)
    • Updated AccountService, add dynamic user settings methods. (2aa73c1f)
    • Updated MediaStorageService, improve header parsing. (9d9e9ce7)
    • Updated SearchApiV2Service, improve performance and include hashtag post counts when applicable (fbaed93e)
    • Updated AccountTransformer, add note_text and location fields. (98f76abb)
    • Updated UserSetting model, cast compose_settings and other as json. (03420278)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, improve settings and add discoverPosts endpoint. (079804e6)
    • Updated LikePipeline jobs, fix likes_count calculation. (fe64e187)
    • Updated InternalApiController, prevent moderation actions against admin accounts. (945a7e49)
    • Updated CommentPipeline, move reply_count calculation to comment pipeline job and improve count calculation. (b6b0837f)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, improve statusesById perf and dispatch CommentPipeline job when applicable. (466286af)
    • Updated MediaService, return empty array if cant find status. (c2910e5d)
    • Updated StatusService, improve cache invalidation. (83b48b56)
    • Updated Hashtag component, fix spinner. (fefbc44a)
    • Updated NotificationCard, update api endpoint and add group notification types. (e09a14d8)
    • Updated ContextMenu component, fix account url paths. (01ca1edd)
    • Updated PollCard component, add showBorder prop. (0c8fffbd)
    • Updated PhotoPresenter component, add lightbox toggle. (0cc1365f)
    • Updated console kernel, add db session garbage collector that runs twice daily. (03b0a62a)
    • Updated ComposeController, refactor compose_settings. (edc2958b)
    • Updated StatusEntityLexer, prevent boosts and replies from being added to PublicTimelineService. (32707372)
    • Updated SpaController, persist web language changes. (7bc684e5)
    • Updated LoginController, bump decayMinutes from 1 to 60. (6bf92bed)
    • Updated SPA, rewrite autolink urls to SPA when applicable. (0837b410)
    • Updated site config, increase ttl and enable SPA by default. (469d49d8)
    • Updated Webfinger, fixes #3050. (ff7ee3bd)
    • Updated status api, autolink caption before returning response. (b00a453b)
    • Updated Timeline, add new ui promo in timelines that can be hidden using localstorage. (e13959ae)
    • Updated FederationController, increase webfinger cache ttl from 12 hours to 14 days. (745c3580)
    • Updated DiscoverController, add yearly option and increase limit from 15 to 30 posts. (10b6058c)
    • Updated RemoteAvatarFetch job, fixed bug preventing new avatars from being stored. (92bc2845)
    • Updated AccountService, fix json casting. (e5f8f344)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix illegal operator bug by setting default min_id. (415826f2)
    • Updated StatusService, add getMastodon method for mastoapi compatibility. (36a129fe)
    • Updated PublicApiController, fix accountStatuses pagination operator. (85fc9dd0)
    • Updated PublicApiController, enforce only_media on accountStatuses method. Fixes #3105. (861a2d36)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add mastoapi strict mode. (46485426)
    • Updated AccountController, refresh RelationshipService on mute/block. (6f1b0245)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix version on instance endpoint. (a6261221)
    • Updated components, fix api endpoints. Fixes #3138. (e724633e)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix public timeline endpoint. (80c7def3)
    • Updated PublicApiController, fix public timeline endpoint. (dcb7ba9c)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix home timeline entities. (6fc0dcb3)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix favourites endpoints (d6d99385)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix reblogs endpoints (de42d84c)
    • Updated SearchApiV2Service, resolve remote queries. (c8a667f2)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.11.1(Sep 8, 2021)

    v0.11.1 (2021-09-07)


    • WebP Support (069a0e4a)
    • Auto Following support for admins (68aa2540)
    • Mark as spammer mod tool, unlists and applies content warning to existing and future post (6d956a86)
    • Diagnostics for error page and admin dashboard (64725ecc)
    • Default media licenses and media license sync (ea0fc90c)
    • Customize media description/alt-text length limit (072d55d1)
    • Federate Media Licenses (14a1367a)
    • Archive Posts (e9ef0c88)
    • Polls (77092200)
    • Federated Stories (#2895)


    This update features some new migrations, if you experience the Unknown column type "timestamp" requested error during migrations please run php artisan config:cache and re-run migrations.

    If your deployment process does not invoke the php artisan cache:clear command, please run this after updating. If you experience issues with timelines after updating, this is likely due to stale cache data and this command should fix it.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.11.0(Jun 2, 2021)

    tl;dr Instance admins need to run the typical post-deployment commands as listed below.


    Another big release! πŸ₯³

    Some major features & improvements include:

    • Autocomplete Support (hashtags + mentions)
    • Creative Commons Licenses
    • Network Timeline
    • Admin config settings
    • Profile pronouns
    • New admin dashboard layout
    • Fresh about page layout
    • Instance Rules
    • New Home Timeline

    Post Deployment

    After updating your instance to v0.11.0, please run the following commands:

    composer install

    php artisan migrate --force

    php artisan config:cache

    php artisan route:cache

    php artisan cache:clear




    • Updated AdminController, fix variable name in updateSpam method. (6edaf940)
    • Updated RemoteAvatarFetch, only dispatch jobs if cloud storage is enabled. (4f40f6f5)
    • Updated StatusService, add ttl of 7 days. (6e44ae0b)
    • Updated StatusHashtagService, use StatusService for statuses. (0355b567)
    • Updated StatusHashtagService, remove deprecated methods. (aa4c718d)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add StatusService del calls to update likes_count, reblogs_count and reply_count. (05b9445c)
    • Updated Like, Status and Comment controllers to add StatusService del() method to update counts. (eab4370c)
    • Updated ComposeController, use placeholder image for video media. Fixes #2595. (789ed4b4)
    • Updated DiscoverController, change api schema. (2eea0409)
    • Updated StatusDelete pipeline, call StatusService::del() to remove status from cache. (3f772ff8)
    • Updated StatusHashtagTransformer, add blurhash attribute. (899bbeba)
    • Updated status square previews, add blurhash and improved content warnings. (39e389dd)
    • Updated Blurhash util, add default hash for invalid media. (38a37c15)
    • Updated VideoThumbnail job, generate blurhash for videos. (896452c7)
    • Updated MediaTransformers, add default blurhash attribute. (3f14a4c4)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, fix hashtag status previews. (7768e844)
    • Updated AP helpers, fix statusFetch 404s. (3419379a)
    • Updated InternalApiController, update discoverPosts method to improve performance. (9862a855)
    • Updated DiscoverComponent, add blurhash and like/comment counts. (a8ebdd2e)
    • Updated DiscoverComponent, add spinner loaders and remove deprecated sections. (34869247)
    • Updated AccountController, add mutes and blocks endpoint to pixelfed api. (1fb7e2b2)
    • Updated AccountService, cache object and observe changes. (b299da93)
    • Updated webfinger util, fail on invalid webfinger url. Fixes (#2613) (2d11317c)
    • Updated MediaStorageService, dispatch deletes to MediaDeletePipeline. (37dbb3de)
    • Updated ComposeController, use MediaStorageService for media deletes. (ab5469ff)
    • Updated StatusDeletePipeline, use MediaStorageService for media deletes. (9fd90e17)
    • Updated Discover, allow public discover access. (1404ac6e)
    • Updated pixelfed config, add media_fast_process setting. (6bee5072)
    • Updated ComposeController, add mediaProcessingCheck method. (33b625f5)
    • Updated ComposeModal, add processing step disabled by default. (e6e76e80)
    • Updated DiscoverComponent, allow unauthenticated if enabled. (a1059a6e)
    • Updated components, improve content warnings. (a9e98965)
    • Updated ComposeModal, prevent tagging empty users. Fixes #2633. (ceae664c)
    • Updated ComposeModal, show filter warning for unsupported browsers. (12ce7602)
    • Updated Hashtag component, fix null infinite loading bug. Fixes #2637. (55136518)
    • Updated filesystems config, add backup driver to store backups on other filesystems. (ae90eef9)
    • Updated Embeds. Fix Profile + Status embeds, remove following count and improve cache invalidation and hidden follower counts. (5ac9d0e8)
    • Updated FederationController, return 404 for invalid webfinger addresses. Fixes (#2647). (deb6f115)
    • Updated InboxPipeline, fail earlier for invalid public keys. Fixes (#2648). (d1c5e9b8)
    • Updated Status model, refactor liked and shared methods to fix cache invalidation bug. (f05c3b66)
    • Updated Timeline component, add inline reports modal. (e64b4bd3)
    • Updated federation pipeline, add locks. (ddc76887)
    • Updated MediaStorageService, improve head checks to fix failed jobs. (1769cdfd)
    • Updated user admin, remove expensive db query and add search. (8feeadbf)
    • Updated Compose apis, prevent private accounts from posting public or unlisted scopes. (f53bfa6f)
    • Updated font icons, use font-display:swap. (77d4353a)
    • Updated ComposeModal, limit visibility scope for private accounts. (001d4105)
    • Updated ComposeController, add autocomplete apis for hashtags and mentions. (f0e48a09)
    • Updated StatusController, invalidate profile embed cache on status delete. (9c8a87c3)
    • Updated moderation api, invalidate profile embed. (b2501bfc)
    • Updated Nodeinfo util, use last_active_at for monthly active user count. (d200c12c)
    • Updated PhotoPresenter, add width and height to images. (3f8202e2)
    • Updated Compose Apis, refactor rate limits. (42375b3d)
    • Updated PublicApiController, show unlisted comments. (e1c6297e)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add missing variable. (886ea617)
    • Updated PublicApiController, limit network pagination to 3 months. (10119bbb)
    • Updated admin instance page, add search and improve performance. (f5829373)
    • Updated AdminInstanceController, invalidate banned domain cache when updated. (35393edf)
    • Updated AP Helpers, use instance filtering. (66b4f8c7)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add missing instance api attributes. (64b86546)
    • Updated story garbage collection, handle non active stories and new ephemeral story media directory. (c43f8bcc)
    • Updated Stories, add crop and duration settings to composer. (c8edca69)
    • Updated instance endpoint, add custom description. (668e936e)
    • Updated StoryCompose component, improve full screen preview. (39a76103)
    • Updated Helpers, fix broken tests. (22dddaa0)
    • Updated StoryController, fix cache crop bug. (c2f8faae)
    • Updated StoryController, optimize photo size by resizing to 9:16 aspect. (e66ed9a2)
    • Updated StoryCompose crop logic. (2ead622c)
    • Updated StatusController, allow license edits without 24 hour limit. (c799a01a)
    • Updated Settings, remove reports page. (9cf962ff)
    • Updated ProfileService, use account transformer. (391b1287)
    • Updated LikeController, hide like counts. (ea687240)
    • Updated StatusTransformers, add liked_by attribute. (372bacb0)
    • Updated PostComponent, change like logic. (0a35f5d6)
    • Updated Timeline component, change like logic. (7bcbf96b)
    • Updated LikeService, fix likedBy method. (a5e64da6)
    • Updated PublicApiController, increase public timeline to 6 months from 3. (8a736432)
    • Updated LikeService, show like count to status owner. (4408e2ef)
    • Updated admin settings, add rules. (a4efbb75)
    • Updated LikeService, fix authentication bug. (c9abd70e)
    • Updated StatusTransformer, fix missing tags attribute. (dac326e9)
    • Updated ComposeController, bail on empty attachments. (061b145b)
    • Updated landing and about page. (92dc7af6)
    • Updated AdminStatsService, fix postgres bug. (af719135)
    • Updated api, remove auth requirement for hashtag timeline. (c8e43c60)
    • Updated NotificationCard component, fix default value. (78ad4e77)
    • Updated Timeline component, show counts and make sidebar footer lighter. (0788bffa)
    • Updated AuthServiceProvider, increase default token + refresh token lifetime. (178ed63d)
    • Updated liked by, fix remote username urls. (f767d99a)
    • Updated StatusController, add cache invalidation for timeline cursor. (f3bf2fd4)
    • Updated PublicApiController, add recent feed support to home timeline. (1e230e80)
    • Updated Inbox, fix reply/comment bug by moving attachment validation to Note with attachments. (28df9f7e)
    • Updated PrettyNumber, add decimal option. (84520fe1)
    • Updated app config, change default descriptions. (7d24560d)
    • Updated NotificationCard, fix loading bug. (69567e19)
    • Updated DirectMessageController, disable exception logging for invalid urls. Fixes (#2752). (2d0a253e)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.10(Jan 29, 2021)

    tl;dr Instance admins need to run the typical post-deployment commands and a single command to generate the instance actor as listed below.

    We have a pretty big release! πŸ₯³

    Some major features & improvements include:

    • Direct Messages
    • Secure Mode compatibility (signed GET fetches)
    • "Load New Posts" button in Timelines
    • Tag People in posts
    • Shared Inbox + Improved Federation support
    • Federated Photo Filters
    • Blurhash
    • Automated Spam Detection
    • hCaptcha support
    • Year in Review (mysql only)

    Post Deployment

    After updating your instance to v0.10.10, please run the following commands:

    composer install

    php artisan migrate --force

    php artisan config:cache

    php artisan route:cache

    php artisan instance:actor



    • Direct Messages (d63569c)
    • ActivityPubFetchService for signed GET requests (8763bfc5) (3ee1215a)
    • Custom content warnings for remote posts (6afc61a4)
    • Thai translations (74cd536)
    • Added Bookmarks to v1 api (99cb48c5)
    • Added New Post notification to Timeline (a0e7c4d5)
    • Add Instagram Import (e2a6bdd0)
    • Add notification preview to NotificationCard (28445e27)
    • Add MediaPathService (c54b29c5)
    • Add Media Tags (711fc020)
    • Add MediaTagService (524c6d45)
    • Add MediaBlocklist feature (ba1f7e7e)
    • New Discover Layout, add trending hashtags, places and posts (c251d41b)
    • Add Password change email notification (de1cca4f)
    • Add shared inbox (4733ca9f)
    • Add federated photo filters (0a5a0e86)
    • Add AccountInterstitial model and controller (8766ccfe)
    • Add Blurhash encoder (fad102bf)
    • Add autospam feature (b892bcf0)
    • Add hCaptcha (082c1ccb)
    • Add StatusView model to store views for discover algorithm (7a68ee94)
    • Add Year in Review feature (mysql only) (f32072a3)


    • Updated PostComponent, fix remote urls (42716ccc)
    • Updated PostComponent, fix missing like button on comments (132c1dce)
    • Updated PostComponent.vue, fix load more comments button (847599ad)
    • Updated 2FA Checkpoint, add username + logout button and numeric inputmode (26affb11)
    • Updated RemoteProfile, fix missing content warnings (e487527a)
    • Updated RemotePost component, fix missing like button on comments (7ef90565)
    • Updated PublicApiControllers, fix block/mutes filtering on public timeline (08383dd4)
    • Updated FixUsernames command, fixes remote username search (0f943f67)
    • Updated Timeline component, fix mod tools (b1d5eb05)
    • Updated Profile.vue component, fix pagination bug (46767810)
    • Updated purify config, fix microformats support (877023fb)
    • Updated LikeController, fix likes_count bug (996866cb)
    • Updated AccountController, added followRequestJson method (483548e2)
    • Updated UserInvite model, added sender relation (591a1929)
    • Updated migrations, added UIKit (fcab5010)
    • Updated AccountTransformer, added last_fetched_at attribute (38b0233e)
    • Updated StoryItemTransformer, increase story length to 5 seconds (924e424c)
    • Updated StatusController, fix reblog_count bug (1dc65e93)
    • Updated NotificationCard.vue component, add follow requests at top of card, remove card-header (5e48ffca)
    • Updated RemoteProfile.vue component, add warning for empty profiles and last_fetched_at (66f44a9d)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, enforce public timeline setting (285bd485)
    • Updated SearchController, fix self search bug and rank local matches higher (f67fada2)
    • Updated FederationController, improve webfinger logic, fixes (#2180) (302ff874)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix broken auth check on public timelines. Fixes (#2168) (aa49afc7)
    • Updated SearchApiV2Service, fix offset bug (#2116) (a0c0c84d)
    • Updated api routes, fixes (#2114) (50bbeddd)
    • Updated SiteController, add legacy profile/webfinger redirect (cfaa248c)
    • Updated checkpoint view, fix recovery code bug (3385583f)
    • Updated Inbox, move expensive HTTP Signature validation to job queue (f2ae45e5a)
    • Updated MomentUI, fix bugs and improve UI (90b89cb8)
    • Updated PostComponent, improve embed model. Fixes (#2189) (b12e504e)
    • Updated PostComponent, hide edit button after 24 hours. Fixes (#2188) (a1fee6a2)
    • Updated AP Inbox, add follow notifications (b8819fbb)
    • Updated Api Transformers, fixes (#2234) (63007891)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix instance endpoint (#2233) (b7ee9981)
    • Updated AP Inbox, remove trailing comma (5c443548)
    • Updated AP Helpers, update bio + name (4bee8397)
    • Updated Profile component, add bookmark loader (c8d5edc9)
    • Updated PostComponent, add recent posts (b289f2f6)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, add status ancestor and descendant context (a0bde855)
    • Updated NotificationCard, improve popover image scaling (0153e596)
    • Updated StoryController, fix deprecated getClientSize() use (725fc6c6)
    • Updated ComposeModal, fix rotate icon direction. Fixes (#2241) (e8a14640)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, add profile links to grid mode (fa40f51b)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, hide like counts on grid mode. Fixes (#2293) (cc18159f)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, make grid mode photos clickable. Fixes (#2292) (6db68184)
    • Updated ComposeModal.vue, use vue tooltips. Fixes (#2142) (2b753123)
    • Updated AccountController, prevent blocking admins. (2c440b48)
    • Updated Api controllers to use MediaPathService. (58864212)
    • Updated notification components, add modlog and tagged notification types (51862b8b)
    • Updated StoryController, allow video stories. (b3b220b9)
    • Updated InternalApiController, add media tags. (ee93f459)
    • Updated ComposeModal.vue, add media tagging. (421ea022)
    • Updated NotificationTransformer, add modlog and tagged types. (49dab6fb)
    • Updated comments, fix remote reply bug. (f330616)
    • Updated PostComponent, add tagged people to mobile layout. (7a2c2e78)
    • Updated Tag People, allow untagging yourself. (c9452639)
    • Updated ComposeModal.vue, add 451 http code warning. (b213dcda)
    • Updated Profile.vue, add empty follower modal placeholder. (b542a3c5)
    • Updated private profiles, add context menu to mute, block or report. (487c4ffc)
    • Updated webfinger util, fix bug preventing username with dots. (c2d194af)
    • Updated upload endpoints with MediaBlocklist checks. (597378bf)
    • Updated Timeline.vue component, fixes (#2352) and (#2343). (e134a9ac)
    • Updated PostComponent.vue, improve MetroUI and fixes (#2363). (0c8ebf26)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, fixes (#2363). (f53f10fd)
    • Updated Profile.vue, add atom feed link to context menu. Fixes (#2313). (89f29072)
    • Updated Hashtag.vue, add nsfw toggle. Fixes (#2225). (e5aa506c)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, move compose button. (9cad8f77)
    • Updated status embed, allow photo albums. Fixes (#2374). (d11fac0d)
    • Updated DiscoverController, fixes (#2378). (8e7f4f9d)
    • Updated SearchController, update version. (8d923d77)
    • Updated email confirmation middleware, add 2FA to allow list. Fixes (#2385). (27f3b29c)
    • Updated NotificationTransformer, fixes (#2389). (c4506ebd)
    • Updated Profile + Timeline components, simplify UI. (38d28ab4)
    • Updated Profile component, make modals scrollable. (d1c664fa)
    • Updated PostComponent, fixes #2351. (7a62a42a)
    • Updated DirectMessageController, fix pgsql bug. (f1c28e7d)
    • Updated RegisterController, make the minimum user password length configurable. (09479c02)
    • Updated AuthServiceProvider, added support for configurable OAuth tokens and refresh tokens lifetime. (7cfae612)
    • Updated EmailService, make case insensitive. (1b41d664)
    • Updated DiscoverController, fix trending api. (2ab2c9a)
    • Updated Dark Mode layout. (d6f8170)
    • Updated federation config, make sharedInbox enabled by default. (6e3522c0)
    • Updated PostComponent, change timestamp format. (e51665f6)
    • Updated PostComponent, use proper username context for reply mentions. Fixes (#2421). (dac06088)
    • Updated Navbar, added profile avatar. (19abf1b4)
    • Updated package.json, add blurhash. (cc1b081a)
    • Updated Status model, fix thumb nsfw caching. (327ef138)
    • Updated User model, add interstitial relation. (bd321a72)
    • Updated StatusStatelessTransformer, add missing attributes. (4d22426d)
    • Updated media pipeline, add blurhash support. (473e0495)
    • Updated DeleteAccountPipeline, add AccountInterstitial and DirectMessage purging. (b3078f27)
    • Updated ComposeModal.vue component, reuse sharedData. (e28d022f)
    • Updated ApiController, return status object after deletion. (0718711d)
    • Updated InternalApiController, add interstitial logic. (20681bcf)
    • Updated PublicApiController, improve stateless object caching. (342e7a50)
    • Updated StatusController, add interstitial logic. (003caf7e)
    • Updated middleware, add AccountInterstitial support. (19d6e7df)
    • Updated BaseApiController, add favourites method. (76353ca9)
    • Updated dockerfile, fix composer issue. (ef45c4b21)
    • Updated reply/comment view, improve layout and include child reply. (2eca670e)
    • Updated Collections, add custom limit. (048642be)
    • Updated AccountInterstitialController, add autospam type. (c67f0c57)
    • Updated Profile model, improve counter caching. (4a14e970)
    • Updated ComposeModal, fix filter bug on safari. (8e3e7586)
    • Updated StatusStatelessController, remove unused attributes. (d0d46807)
    • Updated Profile, fix follower counter bug. (d06bec9c)
    • Updated NotificationTransformer, add missing types. (3a428366)
    • Updated StatusService, fix json bug. (1ea2db74)
    • Updated NotificationTransformer, handle tagged deletes. (881fa865)
    • Updated horizon config, add new default values. (90c8a721)
    • Updated ComposeModal, add maxlength attribute to alt text input. Fixes (#2490). (526b5531)
    • Updated PublicApiController, add state endpoint. (9fc5a80c)
    • Updated PostComponent, add reply modal. (a10d851f)
    • Updated Timeline, remove simple mode and set labs deprecation date. (df9c3adf)
    • Updated 2FA setup, fix qrcode handler. (cd2661fc)
    • Updated avatars, use jpeg default. (f6528c84)
    • Updated antispam bouncer, change recent from 1 week to 3 months. (7d818197)
    • Updated Post components, fix remote post and profile urls. (cfcf17f3)
    • Updated migrations, fix broken oauth change. (4a885c88)
    • Updated LikeController, store status_profile_id and is_comment attributes. (799a4cba)
    • Updated Profile, fix status count. (6dcd472b)
    • Updated StatusService, cast response to array. (0fbde91e)
    • Updated status model, use scope over deprecated visibility attribute. (f70826e1)
    • Updated Follower model, increase hourly limit from 30 to 150. (b9b84e6f)
    • Updated StatusController, fix scope bug. (7dc3739c)
    • Updated AP helpers, fixed federation bug. (a52564f3)
    • Updated Helpers, cache profiles. (1f672ecf)
    • Updated DiscoverController, improve trending api performance. (d8d3331f)
    • Updated InboxWorker, fix race condition in account deletes. (4a4d8f00)
    • Updated StoryItemTransformer, increase story duration from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. (5b0b14fc)
    • Updated StatusController, add view method. (0cfc12c5)
    • Updated MediaPathService, add story method. (aac44309)
    • Updated StatusDelete job, handle cloud storage media deletes. (4b1a0fd7)
    • Updated ImageOptimizePipeline, add skip_optimize and MediaStorageService support. (234f72f3)
    • Updated Media model, add cdn support to url and thumbnailUrl methods. (57fa889d)
    • Updated MediaController, remove deprecated endpoint. (8132db74)
    • Updated api controllers, deprecate old endpoints. (4415af1b)
    • Updated mobile apis, add blurhash. (cf40526e)
    • Updated Image media util, store dimensions of media not thumbnail. (40bd64aa)
    • Updated MediaTransformers, include meta attribute with focus and dimensions. (f8cbe1e4)
    • Updated storage, add remote media cache directory. (0eabbfdd)
    • Updated backup config, prevents gateway timeouts for large databases using mysql. (9cd4bd74)
    • Updated MediaPipeline, handle cloud object storage. (be6d12fc)
    • Updated AP Helpers, use MediaStoragePipeline. (01a1ffd6)
    • Updated RemoteProfile component, change thumbnail url. (c1118956)
    • Updated blade views. (9683e846)
    • Updated cache config, use phpredis by default. (ed6877df)
    • Updated components, fix url rewriter. Closes #2538. (e8cc66dc)
    • Updated UserCreate command, closes #2581. (b2b8c9f9)
    • Updated AvatarController, remove deprecated thumb_path. (889c3d87)
    • Updated VideoThumbnail, add MediaStoragePipeline. (98c44f7b)
    • Updated StatusDelete pipeline, fix object storage thumbnail deletion. (f930c4bd)
    • Updated MediaStorageService, clear transformer cache after storing media. (ce6ab80d)
    • Updated MediaTransformer, remove cache busting. (258b2729)
    • Updated AP helpers, only run MediaStoragePipeline if using cloud storage. (77f21b4b)
    • Updated AvatarObserver, add logic to delete avatars stored in S3. (9eafc31e)
    • Updated Profile model, use cdn_url for avatars. (ea8e4261)
    • Updated ActivityPubFetchService, add url validation. (654b08d3)
    • Updated MediaStorageService, add avatar method. (94a9f685)
    • Updated AvatarPipeline, add remote avatar fetch. (4c148055)
    • Updated ComposeController, update media version. (cc2d4bf8)
    • Updated AP Helpers, add blurhash and RemoteAvatarFetch. (de8828e8)
    • Updated Timeline, prevent nextTick() when reloading same comment modal. Fixes #2584. (cc84125b)
    • Updated site config, add labels to config. (abe9cb3d)
    • Update StatusLabelService, change config key. (4abfe76a)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.9(Apr 18, 2020)


    • Added Profile Following Search (e3280c11)
    • Added Trusted Devices to Sudo Mode (0c82c970)
    • Added reply modal to posts and timelines (974e6bda)
    • Added remote posts and profiles (95bce31e)
    • Added Labs deprecation page (9b215001)
    • Added new landing page (84e203a9)


    • Stories on postgres instances (5ffa71da)


    • Updated StatusController, restrict edits to 24 hours (ae24433b)
    • Updated RateLimit, add max post edits per hour and day (51fbfcdc)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, move announcements from sidebar to top of timeline (228f5044)
    • Updated lexer autolinker and extractor, add support for mentioned usernames containing dashes, periods and underscore characters (f911c96d)
    • Updated Story apis, move FE to v0 and add v1 for oauth clients (92654fab)
    • Updated robots.txt (25101901)
    • Updated mail panel blade view, fix markdown bug (cbc63b04)
    • Updated self-diagnosis checks (03f808c7)
    • Updated DiscoverController, fixes #2009 (b04c7170)
    • Updated DeleteAccountPipeline, fixes #2016, a bug affecting account deletion.
    • Updated PlaceController, fixes #2017, a postgres bug affecting country pagination in the places directory (dd5fa3a4)
    • Updated confirm email blade view, remove html5 entity that doesn't display properly (aa26fa1d)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix update_credentials endpoint (a73fad75)
    • Updated AdminUserController, add moderation method (a4cf21ea)
    • Updated BaseApiController, invalidate session after account deletion (826978ce)
    • Updated AdminUserController, add account deletion handler (9be19ad8)
    • Updated ContactController, fixes #2042 (c9057e87)
    • Updated Media model, fix remote media preview (9947050b)
    • Updated PostComponent, improve likes modal (664fd272)
    • Updated StoryViewer, preload media (336571d0)
    • Updated StoryCompose, add expand label for lightbox preview (fdf59753)
    • Updated session config, increase session timeout from 2 days to 60 days (b8795271)
    • Updated WebfingerService, cache lookup (8b9faf31)
    • Updated v1 notifications api, fix optional params (4e3c952c)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fix unfavourite bug #2088 (3a828522)
    • Updated SharePipeline, fix item relation bug (b5899648)
    • Updated Profile.vue, add v-once to thumbnails to prevent re-render (a54685f6)
    • Updated SearchResults.vue, improve layout (7e41b4ae)
    • Updated PostMenu.vue, fix styling of list-group (4c3b0b7d)
    • Updated PostComponent.vue, update styling (844566b9)
    • Updated NotificationCard.vue, fix share notifications (3cb676b1)
    • Updated PostComponent.vue, remove like count from title, fixes #2091 (6026998c)
    • Updated SearchController, add WebfingerService support (869b4ff7)
    • Updated Profile model, use change_count for version (0eae9f8b)
    • Updated Timeline.vue, add remote post/profile links (d4147083)
    • Updated StoryTimelineComponent, added list prop for new timeline layout (1692a95a)
    • Updated blank layout, add sharedData js (4a293ed9)
    • Updated oauth api, allow multiple redirect_uris. Fixes #2106 (0540a28a)
    • Updated ActivityPub Outbox, fixes #2100 (c84cee5a)
    • Updated ApiV1Controller, fixes #2112 (324ccd0a)
    • Updated StatusTransformer, fixes #2113 (eefa6e0d)
    • Updated InternalApiController, limit remote profile ui to remote profiles (d918a68e)
    • Updated NotificationCard, fix pagination bug #2019 (32beaad5)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.8(Jan 30, 2020)


    • Added BANNED_USERNAMES .env var, an optional comma separated string to ban specific usernames from being used (6cdd64c6)
    • Added RestrictedAccess middleware for Restricted Mode (17c1a83d)
    • Added FailedJob garbage collection (5d424f12)
    • Added Password Reset garbage collection (829c41e1)


    • Fixed Story Compose bug affecting postgres instances (#1918)
    • Fixed header background bug on MomentUI profiles (#1933)
    • Fixed TRUST_PROXIES configuration (#1941)
    • Fixed settings page default language (4223a11e)
    • Fixed DeleteAccountPipeline bug that did not use proper media paths (578d2f35)


    • Updated presenter components, load fallback image on errors (273170c5)
    • Updated Story model, hide json attribute by default (de89403c)
    • Updated compose view, add deprecation notice for v3 (57e155b9)
    • Updated StoryController, orientate story media and strip exif (07a13fcf)
    • Updated admin reports, fixed 404 bug (dbd5c4cf)
    • Updated AdminController, abstracted dashboard stats to AdminStatsService (41abe9d2)
    • Updated StoryCompose component, added upload progress page (2de3c56f)
    • Updated instance config, cleanup and add restricted mode (3be32597)
    • Update RelationshipSettings Controller, fixes #1605 (4d2da2f1)
    • Updated password reset, now expires after 24 hours (829c41e1)
    • Updated nav layout (73249dc2)
    • Updated views with noscript warnings (eaca43a6)

    Upgrade Instructions

    • Please make sure you are running the scheduler cronjob that process periodic garbage collection and other things.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.7(Jan 7, 2020)


    • Crop, edit and delete media while composing your post
    • Access Camera Roll from any device
    • Character counter re-added to compose UI
    • Like and share counts to API
    • API now advertises Mastodon compatibility and Pixelfed version
    • Artisan command fix:likes will recount likes on posts


    • Better view for album posts!
    • Notifications are now paginated
    • API now correctly uses username for acct
    • API now provides empty strings for non-nullable properties
    • Comment federation now include Mention (even if no mention was typed) so that Mastodon properly generates a notification
    • Properly handle Tombstone for deleted actor profiles
    • Self-boosts now federate
    • Cleaner footer
    • Mixed photo/video albums now correctly appear in timelines again


    • API pagination limit raised from 40 to 80
    • Authorization flow now lists username and allows you to log out, so you can switch to a different account
    • 2FA now allows 3 attempts


    • Removed tap for lightbox. It has been replaced by a dedicated button.
    • Some entities for unused API methods have been removed, like relationship
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.6(Sep 30, 2019)

    A more detailed changelog is available in the description of #1717


    • Mastodon API endpoints for compatibility with Mastodon apps*


    • User filtering
    • Accept Follow now uses correct id of remote Follow activity
    • StatusTransformer spoiler_text uses empty string instead of null


    • Follow and unfollow methods are now publicly exposed

    To enable mobile app support*

    • Run php artisan passport:keys
    • Add OAUTH_ENABLED=true to .env
    • Run php artisan config:cache
    • Run php artisan route:cache
    • Run php artisan passport:client --personal

    * - Not all endpoints are implemented, some may return empty payloads.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.5(Sep 24, 2019)

  • v0.10.4(Sep 27, 2019)

    A more detailed changelog is available in the description of #1708


    • Welsh translations
    • Preliminary support for the Mastodon v1 API
    • Users can now set their preferred language as an account setting


    • Hashtags are now properly counted
    • Following private accounts now returns the proper response
    • Comments in MomentUI no longer break words
    • .env.example now uses proper remote follow variable


    • Updated list of spam domains
    • Updated quill.js to v1.3.7
    • Remote profiles are now cached
    • Cropping is now optional in ComposeUI
    • Limit Loops in Discover to local posts
    • Namespaced internal apis to /api/pixelfed
    • "Show all comments" view has been refreshed
    • Updated page layouts for language, privacy policy, terms


    • Deprecated profile following/followers
    • Remove old comment permalink
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.3(Sep 9, 2019)


    • Append .json to local status urls to view ActivityPub object #1666


    • Reverted strict Same-Site Cookies to null to fix 2FA/session expiry #1667
    • Store ActivityPub object id and url in case of errors #1668 #1683
    • Fixed content warnings that had filter applied #1669


    • Japanese, Occitan translations updated #1673 #1679
    • Use footer partial on landing page #1681
    • Change admin badge so it doesn't look like a verified badge #1684


    • Personalized Discover has been deprecated due to low use #1670
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.2(Sep 7, 2019)

  • v0.10.1(Sep 7, 2019)


    • Remote follows! Search for an actor URI, send AP Follow, plus handle incoming AP Accept Follow
    • Compose UI v4: a rework of the v3 flow to allow basic cropping and better support future post types
    • Profile badges show if a user is following you or is an admin
    • Show confirmation message when muting or blocking a user from a post
    • Allow "read more" to be disabled on posts
    • Loops! Discover short videos
    • Preliminary support for profile PropertyValue metadata
    • Preliminary support for Direct Messages
    • Places! Run the artisan task import:cities
    • Emails are now validated and banned email domains are disallowed at signup. Artisan task email:bancheck will validate existing users.
    • .env vars REDIS_SCHEME and REDIS_PATH allow for using Redis over a Unix socket instead of TCP
    • .env var IMAGE_DRIVER allows using imagick instead of gd


    • Show delete button while composing video posts
    • Show pending follow requests on private profiles
    • Allow muted users to comment on your posts
    • Bugs with carousel cursor and tooltips
    • Collections can now be deleted from collection page
    • Compose modal now indicates album media limits
    • Unlisted and private posts are now delivered
    • Don't show Register link in navbar when registrations are closed


    • Use vue-masonry for Moment UI layout
    • User post limit changed from 20/hr to 50/hr
    • Better mobile profile layout
    • Dark mode is now a bit bluer
    • Sample nginx.conf in contrib/ now uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. Docs updated to reference this file
    • Updated register form
    • Allow users to edit email after registrations
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.10.0(Jul 18, 2019)


    • Collections! Add posts to Collections, similar to categories.
    • Profile donate links: add links to Patreon, Liberapay, and OpenCollective on your profile


    • Show correct mode when viewing followers / following


    • Profile model now uses snowflake id


    • OStatus legacy code has been removed
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.9.6(Jul 11, 2019)

  • v0.9.5(Jul 11, 2019)


    • Compose UI v3! Preview filters and posts almost as they would appear in timelines.
    • Handle incoming AP Like and Announce
    • Artisan tasks: regenerate:thumbnails. `fix:hashtags
    • Admin configuration and custom page editor
    • Follow hashtags #1480


    • Disallow search when there is no query
    • Deleting post from post view now loads confirmation modal properly
    • Comments marked sensitive are now hidden behind a warning
    • Duplicate profiles no longer stored
    • Hide share button on non-public posts
    • Prevent duplicate notifications
    • Auto-fit video player to post container rather than video
    • alt tags now applied to img instead of div


    • Image filters are hidden when uploading a video
    • More rate limits: trust accounts after 3 weeks, 120 likes/hr, 1000 likes/day, 60 shares/hr, 500 shares/day, 30 follows/hr (previously 20/hr), 1440/day of any request
    • Hashtags limited to 124 characters
    • Caption "read more" limit raised from 420 to 620
    • Media cache TTL increased to 14 days
    • Do not store EXIF by default


    • Classic Compose UI is now retired
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.9.4(Jun 3, 2019)

    PSA: Due to the removal of Google Recaptcha, a one-time manual intervention is required. Please try the following after installing with composer:

    rm -rf bootstrap/cache/*
    composer dump-autoload
    php artisan config:cache


    • Notification service
    • Notification card on timeline
    • Double-tap to like posts (no animation yet)
    • Moderator Mode for timelines
    • Emoji reaction bar
    • Like and reply to comments
    • Hello Loops! Short videos will now loop and be discoverable from the Discover page.
    • Labs: Optional profile recommendations
    • Labs: Show full caption instead of "read more" button
    • Labs: Simple "distraction-free" timeline -- no buttons, just images and captions


    • Refactored notification view into a Vue component
    • Preparations for Circles, DMs, and other upcoming functionality
    • Default limit of 7500 follows
    • Default limit of 20 follows per hour
    • Default limit of 5 mentions per comment/caption
    • Default limit of 30 hashtags per comment/caption
    • Default limit of 2 links per comment/caption


    • Google Recaptcha is no longer supported (#1231)
    • Lightbox has been deprecated in favor of double-tap-to-like; it will return as a dedicated button in the future (#1277)


    • Thumbnail info overlays on profiles should now scale down to small screens (#1234)
    • Moment UI containers are now properly sized (#1236)
    • Album posts now have contrast for next/prev arrows (#1238)
    • Filter previews now fit the image instead of stretching it (#1239)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.9.0(Apr 18, 2019)


    • Allow users to delete existing profile photos.
    • Preliminary support for managing developer tokens, as well as authorizing apps
    • Unmute and unblock users more easily. Profiles now reflect muting/blocking status.
    • Lazy-loading images with loading="lazy", as supported in Blink
    • Added Network Timeline which includes non-local posts
    • Add broadcast events for real-time updates
    • Compose view now shows upload progress bar
    • You can now audit logged-in devices
    • Added WIP installer
    • Moment UI! This alternative profile view is less square and more full-width pictures.


    • Fixed: Allow admins to view reported private posts
    • Fixed: Show sensitivity and privacy/audience in status views


    • Cleanup of legacy code
    • commentsDisabled has been replaced with preliminary support for Litepub Capability Enforcement (LiCE)
    • rel="me" now added to profile websites
    • Posts from locked accounts now default to followers-only


    • Removed identicons due to SVG compatibility issues with federation. New users will instead be assigned a default avatar.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.8.6(Apr 6, 2019)

    Added COSTAR - Confirm Object Sentiment Transform and Reduce

    COSTAR is a filtering system that allows admins to define environment variables that will dynamically apply certain policies to posts of a defined scope, similar to Pleroma's MRF system.


    • Domain: apply to posts from a specific website
    • Actor: apply to posts from a specific profile/user
    • Keyword: apply to posts containing a specific string


    • Block: Default blocks the defined scope
    • CW: Automatically rewrites the scope to apply a warning
    • Unlist: Removes the scope from public timelines
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.8.5(Apr 3, 2019)

    • Updated Help Center
    • Preliminary work for IG import
    • iOS "Add to Home Screen" should now have a custom icon
    • Updates to Timeline and Profile views
    • New Compose UI! Classic UI is maintained as a fallback
    • Comments can now be hidden per-post. Locally, this hides the comment button on those posts, as well as any comments that are received from remote users. Future work will allow individual comments to be delisted, as well as signalling comment policy over ActivityPub to other implementations!
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.8.0(Mar 16, 2019)

    We have released v0.8.0!

    Some highlights:

    • Better federation support
    • Mobile UI updates
    • Faster timelines
    • Lightbox full screen previews
    • Cleaner carousels
    • Help Center updates
    • New landing page
    • Improved APIs to support mobile apps like Fedilab

    and more!

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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Cachet is a beautiful and powerful open source status page system. Overview List your service components Report incidents Customise the look of your s

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A great looking and easy-to-use photo-management-system you can run on your server, to manage and share photos.

Lychee A great looking and easy-to-use photo-management-system. Since the 1st of April 2018 this project has moved to it's own Organisation (https://g

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A great looking and easy-to-use photo-management-system you can run on your server, to manage and share photos.

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The project provides a docker image for Files App(

For the purpose of learning,I replace the files.js with cracked version which just remove authorization code.

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_ ____ __ ________ ______ | | / / /_ ____ _/ //_ __/ /_ ___/_ __/___ _____ _ | | /| / / __ \/ __ `/ __// / / _

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