Some shorthand functions for skipping and focusing tests.

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Pest Plugin: Shorthands

This repository contains the Pest Plugin Shorthands.

If you want to start testing your application with Pest, visit the main Pest Repository.


The Shorthands Plugin for Pest provides additional functions for skipping and focusing tests. These additional functions are just like the test functions but with a single letter prefix for quick usage.


Install the plugin using Composer:

$ composer require thled/pest-plugin-shorthands --dev


Just add an x prefix on the test function to skip the test. I.e.

xit('should be skipped', function () {
// ...

Shorthands for skipping:

  • xit()
  • xtest()

Same goes for focusing a test by prefixing it with f.

Shorthands for focusing:

  • fit()
  • ftest()


Pest was created by Nuno Maduro under the Sponsorware license. It got open-sourced and is now licensed under the MIT license.

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