Primitives for functional programming in PHP

Last update: May 18, 2022

Functional PHP: Functional primitives for PHP


NOTE: functional-php used to come with a C extension that implemented most of the functions natively. As the performance differences weren’t that huge compared to the maintenance cost it has been removed.

A set of functional primitives for PHP, heavily inspired by Scala’s traversable collection, Dojo’s array functions and Underscore.js

  • Works with arrays and everything implementing interface Traversable
  • Consistent interface: for functions taking collections and callbacks, first parameter is always the collection, then the callback. Callbacks are always passed $value, $index, $collection. Strict comparison is the default but can be changed
  • Calls 5.3 closures as well as usual callbacks
  • All functions reside in namespace Functional to not raise conflicts with any other extension or library

Functional Comic


Run the following command in your project root:

composer require lstrojny/functional-php


Read the docs


  1. Fork and git clone the project
  2. Install dependencies via composer install
  3. Run the tests via composer run tests
  4. Write code and create a PR

Mailing lists

Thank you

  • 1. Introduce autocurring and function composition

    What do you think about introducing to functional php autocurring and function composition?

    I have created working prototype of library with autocurring, function composition and making$collection as last argument:

    In my opinion it looks promising, allows to take advantage of functional programming in even better way. There is the chance to make new release, aka "functional php 2"?

    Reviewed by psliwa at 2014-09-07 13:54
  • 2. hashMap

    For my own use I wrote a function called hashMap to create associative arrays:

    >>> hashMap(
    ...     ['abc', 'foobar'],
    ...     function ($value) {
    ...         return [$value[0], $value];
    ...     }
    ... )
    => [
         "a" => "abc",
         "f" => "foobar",
    function hashMap($collection, callable $callback)
        InvalidArgumentException::assertCollection($collection, __FUNCTION__, 1);
        $aggregation = [];
        foreach ($collection as $index => $element) {
            list($key, $value) = $callback($element, $index, $collection);
            $aggregation[$key] = $value;
        return $aggregation;

    Is this something that would also be useful to others? If yes, I can prepare a proper pull request. Of course it can be named differently if there is a better term for what this function does.

    Reviewed by MazeChaZer at 2016-08-04 20:00
  • 3. Memoize as a high order function

    What do you think about transforming the memoize function into a high order function? I think it would become easier to use from the client perspective and it may simplify its internal implementation. I'm thinking of something like

    function memoize(callable $function, callable $hashGenerator = null) {
        if (null === $hashGenerator) {
            $hashGenerator = function(array $arguments) {
                // ...
        return function (...$arguments) use ($function, $hashGenerator) {
            static $localCache = [];
            $key = $hashGenerator($arguments);
            if (!array_key_exists($key, $localCache)) {
                $localCache[$key] = $callback(...$arguments);
            return $localCache[$key];
    Reviewed by theUniC at 2015-06-26 14:13
  • 4. Add `ary` function which ignores arguments over the supplied number

    Added function which defines a function of an arbitry number of arguments and calls the provided callable with only the given number of arguments

    Didn't add tests as it wasn't obvious how they worked and wanted feedback before investing the time

    Reviewed by someonewithpc at 2020-03-28 20:08
  • 5. Add `entries` and `from_entries`, similar to JavaScript's `Object.entries` and `Object.fromEntries`

    Previous title: Add enumerate, similar to Python's

    This PR adds an enumerate(Transversable|array, int=) function that acts like Python's enumerate

    foreach (enumerate($this->hash) as $i => [$k => $v]) {
        // ...

    My use case is to iterate over an array with string keys and have an associated integer that can be used as an ID

    Reviewed by someonewithpc at 2021-11-02 09:30
  • 6. Add tap()

    tap() calls the given $callback with the given $value, which, in quite a few cases, makes the code read more fluent and "functional":

    tap(User::create('John Doe'), function (User $user) {
    // or
    tap(DisposableEmail::create('From Nigerian Prince with luv'), function (Email $email) {

    This function is inspired by Laravel, which is in turn inspired by Ruby.

    Reviewed by phanan at 2017-12-09 11:37
  • 7. [RFC] provide a `not` function

    Is it me or one currently can't invert a boolean-returning function ?

    I'd like a not function looking like:

    namespace Functional;
    function not(callable $callback) {
        return function($value) use ($callback) {
            return !$callback($value);

    see for a working impl.

    Do you think it's a good idea? If yes, I can try to make a PR.


    Reviewed by docteurklein at 2016-08-11 08:43
  • 8. Multiple fn version of partition()

    Partition() currently only accepts one predicate function and splits an array in to two partitions, putting elements which pass in the first, and those which fail in the second.

    Partition() should accept n predicate functions, create n+1 partitions, and place each element in the partition of the first predicate it matches, with unmatched ones in the last.

    In the case of single predicate function the behavior should be unchanged.

    Reviewed by mkrauss at 2016-05-16 00:18
  • 9. Semigroup, Monoid, Functor, Monad and basic Option implementation

    I've added a few functional typeclasses using interfaces.

    Also, this PR provides a basic implementation of Scala Option (or Haskell Maybe). Option implements all included interfaces and comes with unit tests.

    Reviewed by ornicar at 2012-02-06 23:38
  • 10. Implement sort_by

    I implemented the function, but tests for it are failing, because for some reason PHPUnit thinks that the sort_by function is not defined. I don't know why that error occurs, as far as I can see the function is defined and used correctly. @lstrojny Can you help me with this one?

    Fixes #162

    Reviewed by gvlasov at 2018-07-04 09:30
  • 11. Flat map with key preservation

    I found myself in need of such a function

    So you could transform a list to a dictionary like so:

    $dictionary = flatMapWithKeys($list, function($element) {
        $key = ...
        $value = ...
        return [
            $key => $value,

    Naive implementation would be something like this:

    function flatMapWithKeys(array $array, callable $fn)
        $result = [];
        foreach ($array as $key => $value)
            $result += $fn($value, $key);
        return $result;

    Would this be useful?

    Reviewed by Erikvv at 2016-11-09 14:22
  • 12. Use php-quickcheck for testing

    Generative testing looks ideal for Functional PHP and looks like a good implementation.


    • [ ] weither to use it inside of PHPUnit or not. First instinct is rather not but the question is weither it's sensible to port tests like FunctionalTest and AnnotationsTest
    Reviewed by lstrojny at 2021-03-07 10:20
  • 13. Updating Pipe Tests for psalm branch

    Surprised to see InvalidArgumentException::assertCallback was removed with no apparent substitute on sight, implemented check for callables inside Pipe functor construction, and adding some docblocks that Psalm complained about.

    Reviewed by tzkmx at 2020-08-01 07:14
  • 14. Support psalm

    Add psalm annotations

    • [ ] Fix all issues found by psalm
    • [x] Increase type specificity
    • [x] Add @psalm-pure
    • [x] Add @psalm-assert
    • [ ] Add proper support for more complex cases like compose

    Type specificity

    • [x] Average
    • [x] ButLast
    • [x] Capture
    • [x] CompareObjectHashOn
    • [x] CompareOn
    • [x] Compose
    • [x] Concat
    • [x] ConstFunction
    • [x] Contains
    • [x] Converge
    • [ ] Curry
    • [ ] CurryN
    • [x] Difference
    • [x] DropFirst
    • [x] DropLast
    • [x] Each
    • [x] Equal
    • [x] ErrorToException
    • [x] Every
    • [x] Exceptions/InvalidArgumentException
    • [x] Exceptions/MatchException
    • [x] False
    • [x] Falsy
    • [x] Filter
    • [x] First
    • [x] FirstIndexOf
    • [x] FlatMap
    • [x] Flatten
    • [x] Flip
    • [x] Functional
    • [x] GreaterThan
    • [x] GreaterThanOrEqual
    • [x] Group
    • [x] Head
    • [x] Id
    • [x] Identical
    • [x] IfElse
    • [x] IndexesOf
    • [x] Intersperse
    • [x] Invoke
    • [x] InvokeFirst
    • [x] InvokeIf
    • [x] InvokeLast
    • [x] Invoker
    • [x] Last
    • [x] LastIndexOf
    • [x] LessThan
    • [x] LessThanOrEqual
    • [x] LexicographicCompare
    • [x] Map
    • [x] Match
    • [x] Maximum
    • [x] Memoize
    • [x] Minimum
    • [x] None
    • [x] Noop
    • [x] Not
    • [x] OmitKeys
    • [x] PartialAny
    • [x] PartialLeft
    • [x] PartialMethod
    • [x] PartialRight
    • [x] Partition
    • [x] Pick
    • [x] Pluck
    • [x] Poll
    • [x] Product
    • [x] Ratio
    • [x] ReduceLeft
    • [x] ReduceRight
    • [x] Reindex
    • [x] Reject
    • [x] Repeat
    • [x] Retry
    • [x] Select
    • [x] SelectKeys
    • [x] SequenceConstant
    • [x] SequenceExponential
    • [x] SequenceLinear
    • [x] Sequences/ExponentialSequence
    • [x] Sequences/LinearSequence
    • [x] Some
    • [x] Sort
    • [x] Sum
    • [x] SuppressError
    • [x] Tail
    • [x] TailRecursion
    • [x] TakeLeft
    • [x] TakeRight
    • [x] Tap
    • [x] True
    • [x] Truthy
    • [x] Unique
    • [ ] With
    • [ ] Zip
    • [ ] ZipAll


    • invoker(), invoke(), partial_method(): no way to annotate method names properly:
    • Recursive types are not implemented (problem for compose, curry, etc.):
    Reviewed by lstrojny at 2019-12-19 16:06
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