FuelPHP v1.x is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3+ framework, based on the best ideas of other frameworks, with a fresh start! FuelPHP is fully PHP 7 compatible.

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FuelPHP is a fast, lightweight PHP 5.4+ framework. In an age where frameworks are a dime a dozen, we believe that FuelPHP will stand out in the crowd. It will do this by combining all the things you love about the great frameworks out there, while getting rid of the bad.

FuelPHP is fully PHP 7.3 compatible.

More information

For more detailed information, see the development wiki.

Development Team

Want to join?

The FuelPHP development team is always looking for new team members, who are willing to help lift the framework to the next level, and have the commitment to not only produce awesome code, but also great documentation, and support to our users.

You can not apply for membership. Start by sending in pull-requests, work on outstanding feature requests or bugs, and become active in the #fuelphp IRC channel. If your skills are up to scratch, we will notice you, and will ask you to become a team member.


  • Develop


    Added an email class based on my Dmail class (which has some code from codeigniters email class). Fully tested as working on Windows 7 64-bit on XAMPP (PHP 5.3.1). Documented and gives credit to codeigniter where needed. Use is almost identical to codeigniters email class:

        ->html('Set some HTML here')
        ->text('Set some text here')
        ->message('Can optionally use message and set_alt_message()')
    opened by dudeami 21
  • Allow required field errors to pop up even when input array and $_POST array are empy.

    Allow required field errors to pop up even when input array and $_POST array are empy.

    Moved 'return false on empty input' further down to allow required field errors to pop up. Now it returns false on empty, without any errors.

    opened by frankdejonge 15
  • Remove git submodules and update composer.json to install submodules

    Remove git submodules and update composer.json to install submodules

    See http://fuelphp.com/forums/discussion/13015/fuelphp-1-x-composer-setup

    composer.json in this PR is for 1.7.2, and needs tags "v1.7.2" of all sub repositories.

    To test this, change all "reference": "v1.7.2""reference": "1.7/master" to "reference": "1.8/develop"

    opened by kenjis 13
  • Bootstrap upgraded to 2.3.2

    Bootstrap upgraded to 2.3.2

    opened by sagikazarmark 13
  • Develop


    Fixed 3 bugs:

    • Image transparency with GIF images was turning up black, now turns up transparent
    • Backgrounds with JPEGs would remove alpha transparency when no bgcolor was given. This would cause jagged edges on transparent PNGs when outputting as JPEG.
    • Outputting non-PNG images as the format they were previously in (Such as a outputting a gif as a gif) would result in a PNG image.

    Made sizes() public, and added documentation for it. Added reload(), and made a config option for persistence (Same thing as calling reload). Added both to the docs.

    Few other minor fixes and what not.

    opened by dudeami 9
  • Cache


    As requested by Phil I wrote a first attempt at a Cache implementation. It's been tested by now and should work fine.

    Usage example: $cache = Cache::factory('test'); try { $test = $cache->get(); } catch (Cache_Exception $e) { // create $test value // code below sets expiration to 5 minutes $cache->set_contents($test)->set_expiration(5)->set(); }

    opened by jschreuder 9
  • Replacing git submodules with composer

    Replacing git submodules with composer

    I stumbled across composer/installers the other day, and I figured out how to use it to install core, modules and packages. I have submitted a PR to them [ https://github.com/composer/installers/pull/57 ] so that they can enable support, but you should be able to test what I have done as I have used composer/satis to create my own temporary repository for installing composer packages.

    lukearmstrong/satis >> http://lukearmstrong.co.uk/satis/

    [email protected] 
    /var/www/fuel $ composer install
    Loading composer repositories with package information
    Installing dependencies
      - Installing fuelphp/upload (dev-master 7c8158a)
        Cloning 7c8158a71d690013f57e796ee8a287cb8b6b5c4a
      - Installing composer/installers (dev-fuelphp-support 7941e25)
        Cloning 7941e25f5ef72870337bbe427b302823e82c6a66
      - Installing fuel/core (dev-composer-installers cae0ffb)
        Cloning cae0ffba70fa87a3ee671aefd5a43b679c6f220b
      - Installing fuel/auth (dev-composer-installers 76ee813)
        Cloning 76ee813763fb6d4f35885c1f0b90f19c36eca2da
      - Installing fuel/email (dev-composer-installers 2233333)
        Cloning 223333377bcfdc7d13f381deedbda1fc04fb8dd7
      - Installing fuel/oil (dev-composer-installers 5da935e)
        Cloning 5da935e28e610ef46a70307d883620c8696114dc
      - Installing fuel/orm (dev-composer-installers c5d2787)
        Cloning c5d27874b2671098c349292b37acc4ae2a58b550
      - Installing fuel/parser (dev-composer-installers 920ed81)
        Cloning 920ed81a6b53e3cea8d7d4c1b1a5537b7141a7e4
      - Installing psr/log (1.0.0)
        Loading from cache
      - Installing monolog/monolog (1.3.1)
        Loading from cache
    monolog/monolog suggests installing mlehner/gelf-php (Allow sending log messages to a GrayLog2 server)
    monolog/monolog suggests installing raven/raven (Allow sending log messages to a Sentry server)
    monolog/monolog suggests installing doctrine/couchdb (Allow sending log messages to a CouchDB server)
    monolog/monolog suggests installing ext-amqp (Allow sending log messages to an AMQP server (1.0+ required))
    monolog/monolog suggests installing ext-mongo (Allow sending log messages to a MongoDB server)
    Writing lock file
    Generating autoload files

    I have submitted 6 other PRs to you.

    https://github.com/fuel/core/pull/1310 https://github.com/fuel/auth/pull/46 https://github.com/fuel/email/pull/36 https://github.com/fuel/oil/pull/168 https://github.com/fuel/orm/pull/216 https://github.com/fuel/parser/pull/64

    I am aware that the PRs aren't correct, as the composer.json files point to my personal repository and my branches, but this is just so that you can simply clone and run composer install to see it work.

    If you like the idea, all you need to do is add the fuel/* repositories to https://packagist.org/

    As a fair bit of effort went into this, I would appreciate being able to fix these PRs to make them point to the packages on packagist once you have added them, so please don't rewrite my commits as I won't get any "credit" for my work.

    opened by lukearmstrong 9
  • Fix dsn default charset

    Fix dsn default charset

    Defining uf8 by default

    opened by gnovaro 9
  • Adding the full path to php in oil executable

    Adding the full path to php in oil executable

    When you need to put a oil refine to a cronjob you need to put the full path of oil executable. But, the script doesnt "know" how to execute it. I added the "#!/usr/bin/php", in the file to get this fixed.

    opened by fabioluciano 7
  • Remove comment before 'orm'

    Remove comment before 'orm'

    Since oil generate a code which need the orm package, and since we will generally use this package on FuelPHP, I suggest to remove the comment before 'orm'...

    opened by sdrdis 6
FuelPHP v1.x is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3+ framework, based on the best ideas of other frameworks, with a fresh start! FuelPHP is fully PHP 7 compatible.

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