🍪 Write gorgeous documentation for your products using Markdown inside your Laravel app.



Write gorgeous documentations for your products using Markdown inside your Laravel app.

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LaRecipe 🍪

LaRecipe is simply a code-driven package provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation for your product or application inside your Laravel app.

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Getting Started

☝️ Install the package via composer.

composer require binarytorch/larecipe

✌️ Run the install command.

php artisan larecipe:install

Visit your app domain with /docs endpoint. That's it.

See full documentation


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This library is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.

  • Disable interpolation

    Disable interpolation

    Disable interpolation to allow {{ }} syntax in markdown. This PR will fix #28

    opened by phannaly 27
  • Adding a Custom Component

    Adding a Custom Component

    Describe the bug This is not actually a bug but neither is it a feature request. I'm trying to add my own component and then rebuild the package. However, as soon as a yarn run dev or yarn run production i get 404s for some of the assets

    myurl.local/vendor/binarytorch/larecipe/assets/css/dark.css myurl.local/vendor/binarytorch/larecipe/assets/css/light.css

    Do you have any documentation for how to add custom components and re-build the package (my components will be commited to my fork)

    To Reproduce Add a component TestComponent.vue with just hello world in template name: test-component

            Hello World
        export default {
            name : "test-component"

    Add new component to globalComponents.js

    import TestComponent from "../components/TestComponent"
    Vue.component(TestComponent.name, TestComponent);

    Add <test-component></test-component> to overview.md yarn run production or yarn run dev

    Perhaps there is a way of doing this in the vendor directory, but i'm not sure how.

    Expected behavior I would see Hello World in the overview section of the docs but I don't also, the 404s as mentioned above. What am i missing here ?

    opened by TheFrankman 18
  • Anchor links not working as expected

    Anchor links not working as expected

    Describe the bug

    - [Example](#example-link)
    <a name="example-link">
    ## Example

    is directing to base_url/#example-link rather then base_url/segment1/segment2#example-link when the page url is base_url/segment1/segment2

    To Reproduce Current URI = http://localhost:8000/docs/1.0/overview

    # Overview
    - [Introduction](#introduction)
    - [Test](#test)
    <a name="introduction"></a>
    ##  Introduction

    on anchor click the uri changes to http://localhost:8000/#introduction

    Expected behavior The uri should become http://localhost:8000/docs/1.0/overview#introduction

    Additional context To Achieve the expected result i have to do: - [Introduction](/{{route}}/{{version}}/overview/#introduction) which doesn't seem right to do.

    "laravel/framework": "^6.0", "binarytorch/larecipe": "^2.2",

    opened by jampack 15
  • Does this package support multiple languages? (in development)

    Does this package support multiple languages? (in development)

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. A clear and concise description of what the problem is. Ex. I'm always frustrated when [...] It's more a question then a feature request, but I had to choose and I'm definitely not reporting a bug.

    Describe the solution you'd like A clear and concise description of what you want to happen. I was wondering if it's possible to supply docs in multiple languages.

    Additional context Add any other context or screenshots about the feature request here. I use this package for localization. https://github.com/mcamara/laravel-localization And this works with the following syntax __('String to translate')

    But I'm not sure if this will work in the .md files.

    opened by aFluxx 14
  • Allow using a custom guard for authorization by setting config

    Allow using a custom guard for authorization by setting config

    I have come across your lovely package, but my project uses several custom guards which means that $this->authorize('viewLarecipe', $documentation) will always fail, as the web gaurd's $user will always be null.

    This is a pretty straightforward PR that is non-breaking, but allows people to use custom guards to protect their LaRecipe Docs.

    opened by kfriars 13
  • Allow Laravel 6.0

    Allow Laravel 6.0

    opened by matthewnessworthy 13
  • Trying to access array offset on value of type null

    Trying to access array offset on value of type null

    larecipe versions : * v2.2.1 php: php7.4

    laravel : 5.8 This stopped working on php 7.4


    opened by hedeqiang 11
  • Laravel 6.0 support

    Laravel 6.0 support

    Hello team, Laravel 6.0 has just been released :)

    opened by affektde 10
  • GitHub Icon Link

    GitHub Icon Link

    My question is if it's possible to change the GitHub link in the icon next to the version docs. I can't see the option in config file.

    opened by rogermlml 9
Saleem Hadad
An entrepreneur, mechatronics, and software engineer.
Saleem Hadad
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