A tool to profile mysql queries in php env.

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This tool helps you to quickly profile a mysql query in a PHP 7.4+ environnement. You can also compare 2 queries.


This image shows the results when comparing 2 ip search queries ((A) BETWEEN + index vs (B) INTERSECTS + SPACIAL index):

  • left: query cost (SHOW STATUS...)
  • right: query plan (SHOW PROFILE...)
  • bottom: optimizer information (EXPLAIN...)

This is a standalone one file php script. Not dependency (vanilla js, css and standard php modules only).

Why use it?

It helps you to:

  • find mysql configuration issues
  • improve your indexes
  • improve your queries
  • spot mysql limitations


  • Display the following reports:
    • query cost (SHOW STATUS...)
    • query plan (SHOW PROFILE...)
    • optimizer information (EXPLAIN...)
  • Compare 2 queries
  • Highlight the better values
  • Link to the mysql doc for status metric
  • Dark and light modes (prefers-color-scheme)
  • IP filtering


Use it only in DEV and control who can access it!

  1. Copy the file in a secure location (with .htaccess, etc.)
  2. Create a mysql user with profiling privileges.
  3. Configure the tool (user, password, ip allow list, etc.)

Usage within Docker

The following will create a PHP 7.4 container with the mysql query profiler and also a mariadb 10.4 container

docker-compose up -d

Open http://localhost/mysql_query_profiler.php in your web browser

To stop, run docker compose down


You may want to profile the queries generated by your application by clicking on a link from your web pages.

  1. In your main configuration file, add a constant that will allow you to turn on/off the query displaying. For example:
define('MQP_PROFILE_QUERIES', true);
  1. Copy-paste-adapt this code in a method where all your queries go through:
  echo '<div style="border:1px solid #ff9966;padding:5px;margin:5px">';
  echo '<a href="/mysql_query_profiler.php?query=' . urlencode($query) . '" target="mqp">';
  echo htmlspecialchars($query);
  echo '</a>';
  echo '</div>';
  • Dockerized things

    Dockerized things

    Added mysql_query_profiler to a docker container running PHP 7.4 Added docker_compose to run the PHP and a separate MariaDB container for testing

    opened by gordonmurray 0
  • v1.0.0(Apr 29, 2021)


    • Display the following reports (query cost (SHOW STATUS...), query plan (SHOW PROFILE...), optimizer information (EXPLAIN...))
    • Compare 2 queries
    • Highlight the better values
    • Link to the mysql doc for status metric
    • Dark and light modes (prefers-color-scheme)
    • IP filtering
    • Font-size configuration
    • Charset configuration
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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