This package provides an artisan command to generate a basic crud with Restful API support

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NHRROB Crud Generator Package

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This package provides an artisan command to generate a basic crud

composer install command:

composer require nhrrob/crudgenerator

Crud Generator Commands

  • install:
php artisan crud:generator
  • If you want to keep backend files under Admin folder
    File Structure: Check below (Section => Bonus : Admin File Structure)
php artisan crud:generator --admin
  • Migration: Add title field and run migration
    • add field:
    • run migration:
    php artisan migrate


  • This package creates resource route. Example:
    • Model title: Post
    • Resource route:
  • If you want to use Api, make sure Passport is installed.

Loom Videos:

Modify Stubs:

  • Publish vendor files
php artisan vendor:publish

Remove Crud Generated Files:

  • Delete Crud
php artisan crud:generator:delete
  • If you have generated crud under Admin folder:
php artisan crud:generator:delete --admin
  • Manually delete migration file and remove route from web.php

Feel free to contact: | Twitter | Linkedin | Email


Laravel 8 auth using laravel/ui:

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui bootstrap --auth
npm install && npm run dev
php artisan migrate

Bonus : API

API Helpline:

php artisan passport:install

Bonus : Admin File Structure

  • When you add --admin in crud generator commands =>
    It adds admin folder for views and Admin folder for controllers (including Api)

  • Sample File/Folder Structure:




#API Controllers
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