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Torch - Using Laravel's Illuminate Components Independently

Torch is a project to provide instructions and examples for using Illuminate components as standalone components in non-Laravel applications. The current master branch shows how to use Illuminate's 8.0 components.

Note: If you are working with an older project, you might have more success using the 5.5 components or the 5.1 components or the 4.2 components.


At the moment, the project is divided into many directories beneath components which will each contain an index file, usually written with Slim. Navigate to that directory in your terminal and run the following to serve a web site from that directory:

$ composer install
$ php -S localhost:8000

Now you can visit http://localhost:8000/ in your browser to view the output of each.


Ready for 8.0

Need to be moved over from 4.2

  • Mail - Never finished porting from 4.2-5.1 and then it never got the simpler upgrades from 5.1 until today

Other Packages



A few important notes:

  1. The imagined end user is a developer of any Symfony-HttpFoundation-using project copying the route closure directly into a project, so try to avoid using any Slim conventions and use as little preparation code outside the closure as possible.
  2. While some components would be easier to implement with a Laravel-style Application instance and a fuller bootstrap, I'd prefer we implement as many as possible without loading Laravel's Service Providers.
  3. Some components will require a bootstrap, and I hope we can come up with a Best-Practice bootstrap and Laravel-style Application instance for loading Service Providers, etc.


The most helpful use for contributions right now would be updating the readme's in each section to make sure we have instructions on how to test this specific component to see that it's working (based on how the specific index.php for this component is set up).

But my framework doesn't use Symfony's HttpFoundation!

Many of these components will still work. But a few of them require HttpFoundation. ¯\(°_o)/¯

  • Sessions working?

    Sessions working?

    Hi, is the Sessions component still working, now with 5.4 version?

    I tried to install it, but they never got stored on the right folder. I'm using all components on 5.4.

    opened by rafaelcanical 17
  • Finish updating all components to 5.5

    Finish updating all components to 5.5

    You can see the current list in the README but I'm encapsulating this here for the purpose of asking for help.

    Here's what it takes to "move a component over":

    1. Find the correct Issue (see those linked in the comments below) for the given component. Leave a comment in that issue showing you'll be pulling this task.
    2. Grab the code for that component from the older branch and put it into the appropriate folder in the newer branch. Or, more likely, it's sitting in the newer branch, just still with the old code and Composer dependencies. Just update it in place.
    3. Update the composer.json references to Laravel "~5.5.0"
    4. Try to composer install; see if anything breaks and whether you also need to update the versions of any other dependencies, or add or remove any others
    5. Once composer install works, spin up the PHP server (php -S localhost:8080) and then visit each route that's defined in that component's index.php (e.g. http://localhost:8080/ for the root of the component you're testing) and test whether everything works as expected
    6. If it all works, PR it! If you get stuck, PR where you are with notes about what got stuck.

    Need to move from the Laravel 5.1 branch:

    Need to be finished moving from the Laravel 4.2 branch (imported but needs to be tested and tweaked):

    enhancement help wanted 
    opened by mattstauffer 14
  • [WIP] Artisan Component

    [WIP] Artisan Component

    Opening this early for discussion/question asking. Trying to work on the artisan component, the main issue at the moment is that composer require illuminate/foundation fails, and the main thing we need is the foundation app.

    You can get around this by rewriting chunk of artisan, but I feel like that's against the "spirit" of what this project is trying to accomplish.

    opened by hskrasek 11
  • Add Queue Component for 5.5

    Add Queue Component for 5.5

    Based off your queue branch, but with a few changes. Open to feedback on improving the submission.


    • I removed the use of configs as I felt that hid the setup of the Queue component rather than showing how to interact with it.
    • I had issues getting Beanstalkd to work properly, so I went with Redis.

    The workers were a bit challenging. It requires an ExceptionHandler, so I created one as an anonymous class. If there's an easier/better way to create one, let me know.

    When running as a daemon, it is expecting an Application as it makes a call to isDownForMaintenance. To solve this I created an "App" and added the method. The daemon also ran fine, but then locked up.

    Thank you for Torch! It's been a nice reference. Glad I can contribute in some small way.

    Fixed #83

    opened by mloberg 9
  • Acessing request and container instances from route

    Acessing request and container instances from route

    @mattstauffer Hey. Given the routing index.php example in the master branch. I do something like this

     $configPath = __DIR__ . '/../config/';
        $array = [
            'site' => require $configPath . 'site.php',
            'db' => require $configPath . 'database.php'
        $config = new Config($array);
        // Create a service container
        $container = new Container;
        $request = Request::capture();
        $container->instance('Illuminate\Http\Request', $request);
        $container->instance('config', $config);

    After which, routes.php is required into the app.

        use Illuminate\Routing\Router;
        $router->get('/', function () {
            return $config->get('site.setup');

    How could I access the config in here?

    opened by randohinn 8
  • Anonymous Balde X components not working

    Anonymous Balde X components not working

    Hello. I am running components/view as it is mentioned here https://github.com/mattstauffer/Torch/tree/master/components/view#usage, but when I try adding anonymous component, I get an error.

    Updated templates/page.blade.php:

        <h1>{{ $title }}</h1>
        <p>{{ $text }}</p>
        <x-alert type="success" message="Good luck!" />

    The templates/components/alert.blade.php:

        'type' => 'info',
    <div {{ $attributes->merge(['class' => 'alert alert-' . $type]) }}>
        {{ $message }}

    The error:

    Illuminate\Contracts\Container\BindingResolutionException thrown with message 
    "Target [Illuminate\Contracts\View\Factory] is not instantiable."
    #33 Illuminate\Contracts\Container\BindingResolutionException in 
    #32 Illuminate\Container\Container:notInstantiable in 
    #31 Illuminate\Container\Container:build in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\illuminate\container\Container.php:691
    #30 Illuminate\Container\Container:resolve in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\illuminate\container\Container.php:637
    #29 Illuminate\Container\Container:make in 
    #28 Illuminate\View\Compilers\ComponentTagCompiler:componentClass in 
    #27 Illuminate\View\Compilers\ComponentTagCompiler:componentString in 
    #26 Illuminate\View\Compilers\ComponentTagCompiler:Illuminate\View\Compilers\{closure} in [internal]:0
    #25 preg_replace_callback in 
    #24 Illuminate\View\Compilers\ComponentTagCompiler:compileSelfClosingTags in             
    #23 Illuminate\View\Compilers\ComponentTagCompiler:compileTags in 
    #22 Illuminate\View\Compilers\ComponentTagCompiler:compile in 
    #21 Illuminate\View\Compilers\BladeCompiler:compileComponentTags in 
    #20 Illuminate\View\Compilers\BladeCompiler:compileString in 
    #19 Illuminate\View\Compilers\BladeCompiler:compile in 
    #18 Illuminate\View\Engines\CompilerEngine:get in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\illuminate\view\View.php:139
    #17 Illuminate\View\View:getContents in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\illuminate\view\View.php:122
    #16 Illuminate\View\View:renderContents in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\illuminate\view\View.php:91
    #15 Illuminate\View\View:render in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\index.php:57
    #14 Closure:{closure} in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\Handlers\Strategies\RequestResponse.php:40
    #13 call_user_func in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\Handlers\Strategies\RequestResponse.php:40
    #12 Slim\Handlers\Strategies\RequestResponse:__invoke in 
    #11 Slim\Route:__invoke in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\MiddlewareAwareTrait.php:117
    #10 Slim\Route:callMiddlewareStack in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\Route.php:268
    #9 Slim\Route:run in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\App.php:503
    #8 Slim\App:__invoke in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\zeuxisoo\slim- 
    #7 Zeuxisoo\Whoops\Provider\Slim\WhoopsMiddleware:__invoke in 
    #6 call_user_func_array in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\DeferredCallable.php:57
    #5 Slim\DeferredCallable:__invoke in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\MiddlewareAwareTrait.php:70
    #4 call_user_func in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\MiddlewareAwareTrait.php:70
    #3 Slim\App:Slim\{closure} in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\MiddlewareAwareTrait.php:117
    #2 Slim\App:callMiddlewareStack in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\App.php:392
    #1 Slim\App:process in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\vendor\slim\slim\Slim\App.php:297
    #0 Slim\App:run in C:\OpenServer\domains\view\index.php:60

    Please help.

    opened by lexdubyna 7
  • Bump Routing to 5.6, include Middleware

    Bump Routing to 5.6, include Middleware

    Note: this branch is rebased on PR #66 so there's some duplication. Can adjust if needed.

    • Routing component bumped to Laravel 5.6. No additional changes were required.
    • Middleware examples were merged into Routing component, and are no longer separated. All code is up-to-date for 5.6.
    opened by AkenRoberts 7
  • Started porting components to 5.5

    Started porting components to 5.5

    Started porting components to 5.5. Already ported the following components:

    • Logs
    • Config
    • Encryption

    Working on more components in the following days.

    opened by Rubemlrm 7
  • How to use DB::raw?

    How to use DB::raw?

    In the documentation http://laravel.com/docs/5.1/queries#selects, there is a section Raw Expressions which is an example of code to use raw expressions

    $users = DB::table('users')
                         ->select(DB::raw('count(*) as user_count, status'))
                         ->where('status', '<>', 1)

    And how it can be used without a framework?

    opened by dead23angel 7
  • Routing component, implement middleware

    Routing component, implement middleware


    first of all let me congratulate your for your amazing work. I'm currently experimenting things, and I'm focusing essentially on the Routing component. I currently have a micro app with the router implemented with some Controllers.

    My question is, is it complicated to implement middlewares? What should I do to make this possible? Could you point me in the right direction please?

    Thanks :+1:

    opened by rafaelcanical 5
  • Cache Component

    Cache Component

    Adding the cache component. @mattstauffer do you want another driver done? Something like redis or memcache would require those services to be running locally if you wanted to test them in the browser.

    Signed-off-by: Hunter Skrasek [email protected]

    opened by hskrasek 5
  • route name

    route name

    Hi dear I create app and route helper method same laravel helper methods and my code this is: function app($abstract = null, array $parameters = []) { if (is_null($abstract)) { return Container::getInstance(); }

    `return Container::getInstance()->make($abstract, $parameters);`

    } function route($name, $parameters = [], $absolute = true) { return app('url')->route($name, $parameters, $absolute); } but when call route and send route name for example route('profile') i have this error:

    Fatal error: Uncaught ReflectionException: Class url does not exist in vendor\illuminate\container\Container.php:877 I think laravel use RoutingServiceProvider and I need provider please help thanks

    opened by mitisa 0
  • Add a component example for illuminate/mail

    Add a component example for illuminate/mail

    Hey @mattstauffer,

    Big fan of the work you have done on using illuminate components outside of Laravel and recently had to upgrade a project from using illuminate/mail 4.2 to 7 so thought I would contribute a PR.

    Implementing queue support is a little more complex but let me know if you want me to include that as well.

    Hopefully the style and approach is inline with other component examples and please let me know if you would prefer any refactors :-)


    opened by mrtimp 0
  • Making Cache, Config, and Env work in harmony (example)

    Making Cache, Config, and Env work in harmony (example)

    Hey @mattstauffer ,

    This might supersede #192 idea and prior PR. Here is an example of how to get Cache, Config, and Env.

    Some notes:

    1. Not sure one would want to, but Illuminate\Support\Arr is needed to parse output of Cache::get(...) as it doesn't handle dot notation.
    2. I can't beat Laravel's logic for handling cache/env for different environments. Not sure how that would be demonstrated other than copy/pasting from their source code.

    Works-for-me example code:

      Note, these variables aren't directly accessible. Use globals
      EG: Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config::get("app.cnx")
    use Illuminate\Container\Container;
    use Illuminate\Support\Arr;
    use Illuminate\Config\Repository;
    use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Facade;
    use Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem;
    use Illuminate\Cache\CacheManager;
    use Dotenv\Dotenv;
    use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config;
    use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cache;
    use Illuminate\Support\Env;
    defined("FILE_ROOT") ? true : define("FILE_ROOT", realpath(".."));
    // create dummy app
    $app = new Container();
    // would want to refactor to make sure cache is used in production
    try {
        // check if file exists. if not, presume production enviroment
        $dotenv = Dotenv::createImmutable(FILE_ROOT);
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        // presume production
    // config setup
    $config = new Repository(require(FILE_ROOT . "/backend/config/app.php"));
    // bind $config to $app
    // cache stuff
    $cacheC = new Container();
    $cacheC['config'] = $config->get('app.cache');
    $cacheC["files"] = new Filesystem();
    $cacheManager = new CacheManager($cacheC);
    $cache = $cacheManager->store();
    // bind $cache to $app
    $cache->put('test', 'This is loaded from Redis cache.', 500);
    $cache->put('app', $config->get('app'));
    $config->set('test', 'rofl');
    s(Arr::get(Cache::get('app'), 'cnx'));

    Output: Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 4 50 25 PM

    opened by paxperscientiam 0
  • Suggestion for Config

    Suggestion for Config

    After much tinkering, I've come up with a way to access config data via Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config

    This uses some code from the existing Config example and uses a container (using kint just for dumping):

    use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config;
    use Illuminate\Container\Container;
    use Illuminate\Config\Repository;
    $config = new Repository(require(FILE_ROOT . "/config/app.php"));
    $app = new Container();

    Output: Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 1 42 25 AM

    Current example uses a slim app, so is incompatible with the above. Would it make sense to add a separate file like "components/config/example2.php" (for instance)?

    EDIT: This may tie in some how to PR #191 ... but maybe not.

    opened by paxperscientiam 0
  • Use env() helper by invoking Dotenv\Dotenv directly

    Use env() helper by invoking Dotenv\Dotenv directly


    I've provided an example of how to use the env() helper in conjunction with direct leverage of the Dotenv\Dotenv library. Unfortunately, the values aren't accessible with Illuminate\Support\Env; not sure what the missing bit is.

    That said, maybe it's not important. IIRC, laravel folks say to only rely on app environment variables in the config files.


    opened by paxperscientiam 1
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