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  • Annotations 2.0

    Annotations 2.0

    • Move namespace to Doctrine\Annotations (Removing Common)
    • Uses hoa/compiler instead of doctrine/lexer ( see : grammar )
    • Drop AnnotationRegistry and all autoload magic
    • Drop Attribute/Attributes annotations
    • Drop SimpleAnnotationReader
    • Drop FileCacheReader
    • Drop IndexedReader
    • Requires php 7


    Local reviews (checkout + run locally):

    • [ ] @guilhermeblanco
    • [ ] @beberlei
    • [ ] @Hywan
    • [ ] @ocramius
    • [ ] @asm89
    • [ ] @deeky666
    • [ ] @alcaeus
    • [ ] run it against the doctrine/doctrine2 test-suite
    • [ ] run it against the doctrine/mongodb-odm test-suite
    opened by FabioBatSilva 31
  • PHP7 Grouped Use Statements ignored

    PHP7 Grouped Use Statements ignored

    When I use the new PHP7 grouped use statements feature, Doctrine doesn't use the namespace to import the annotation.

    For example, this works:

    use Sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\Configuration\Route;
    use Sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\Configuration\Method;
    class MyController
         * @Route("/example")
         * @Method("GET")
        public function exampleAction() {...}

    But changing the namespaces to this fails:

    use Sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\Configuration\{
        Route, Method

    I'm using Doctrine Annotations 1.2.7

    opened by blowski 20
  • allow for dangling comma

    allow for dangling comma

    Drupal developers are much to used to the PHP array syntax which allows a dangling comma:

      'foo' => 'bar',

    Doctrine doesn't allow for this and this causes a lot of grief. This PR fixes this. It seems {} arrays already support this.

    opened by chx 20
  • Annotation parameters

    Annotation parameters

    Don't know if I do not understand correctly how annotation parameters work, but given the following annotation definition:

     * Class Parameter
     * @Annotation
     * @Target("METHOD")
    class Parameter
         * @var string
        public $name;
         * @var array<Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraint>
        public $constraints = array();
         * @var string
        public $validationGroup;
         * @param array $data
        public function __construct(array $data)
            // constructor logic

    Why doesn't the following work:

    @Direct\Parameter("a", { @Assert\NotNull() }, "myGroup")

    I'm getting a Expected Value, got 'myGroup' at position 70 in method... exception.

    This however works:

    @Direct\Parameter("a", { @Assert\NotNull() }, validationGroup="myGroup")

    as does this:

    @Direct\Parameter(name="a", constraints={ @Assert\NotNull() }, validationGroup="myGroup")

    and this:

    @Direct\Parameter("a", { @Assert\NotNull() })
    opened by sgehrig 17
  • Trigger the standard autoloader as the last resort

    Trigger the standard autoloader as the last resort

    As v2 isn't here yet, and looking at #232 it is unclear if it will be coming anytime soon, and as we have to put up with annoying deprecated functions, here I propose to fall back to the standard autoloader if nothing else worked, and if there's no custom loader defined.

    Fixes #270

    I intentionally did not add any tests as this is a PoC. Please tell me if this makes any sence, and then I'll make a try with tests.

    opened by sanmai 16
  • opcache.load_comments has been removed from PHP 7

    opcache.load_comments has been removed from PHP 7

    When building a very fresh php7 version from source this morning, it appeared that one of my projects using doctrine/annotations didn't work anymore.

    It seems that the support of this option has been removed from php7, see

    I don't know if this will be backported to php5.6 and/or 5.5 for the moment.

    This PR simply checks the php version before checking the value of opcache.load_comments.

    opened by mpalourdio 16
  • Deprecate AnnotationRegistry in favor of class_exists()

    Deprecate AnnotationRegistry in favor of class_exists()

    See also:

    Actually it looks like there is no benefit in using a separate autoloading mechanism, which itself only makes (manual) use of "real" autoloaders. Instead class_exists() serves the same purpose and prevents one from the need to manually add an autoloader for every loader, that should load annotations.

    This is especially interesting now, that composer took over most of the autoloading related issues in many projects.

    I don't know, which deprecation-rules apply here, so I just added the tag and kept the class as it is, but remove the use wherever useful.

    opened by KingCrunch 14
  • optimized FileCacheReader

    optimized FileCacheReader

    In our project we strongly use annotations and almost 4000 cache file has been generated using FileCacheReader.

    In this implementation one cache file contains all related annotation for a class, which means huge reduction of file touching/writing/reading.

    As i see the access patterns of mongo odm, every method and property annotation will be read for a class, so this could be a performance upgrade too.

    enhancement wontfix 
    opened by tgabi333 14
  • Memory leak in AnnotationRegistry::registerLoader() when called multiple times

    Memory leak in AnnotationRegistry::registerLoader() when called multiple times

    If we call AnnotationRegistry::registerLoader() multiple times we've got an self::$loaders array growing indefinitely.

    Consider to append self::$loaders with a keyed value.

    A key for callable can be determined by spl_object_hash() for anonymous functions and by a combination of md5() and spl_object_hash() for other types of callable.

    I can provide a non BC breaking PR for this issue if interested.

    opened by TriAnMan 13
  • DCOM-207: Add AnnotationReader::getFunctionAnnotations()

    DCOM-207: Add AnnotationReader::getFunctionAnnotations()

    From @doctrinebot on July 9, 2013 14:26

    Jira issue originally created by user benjamin:

    Currently, the annotation reader supports reading annotations on class, method and property. This could be extended to read annotations on any kind of function, by adding the following methods:

    public function getFunctionAnnotations(\ReflectionFunctionAbstract $function);
    public function getFunctionAnnotation(\ReflectionFunctionAbstract $function, $annotationName);

    This could be done without breaking BC in the following ways:

    • Keep the Reader interface as it is
    • Add a new interface, for example FullReader, that would extend Reader to add these two methods
    • Add the new methods to AnnotationReader, CachedReader, etc.
    • Update these classes to implement FullReader; thus they would still implement Reader and stay compatible.

    Then, on the next major release (3.0.0), we could:

    • Add the two methods to Reader
    • Remove FullReader
    • Add a note to the UPGRADE file to rename FullReader to Reader in application code.

    In case you're wondering why I'm proposing this feature, I'm developing a lightweight framework, which allows any method, function, or closure to be used as a controller. I can currently parse annotations when using a class method, but cannot provide support for annotations on the others.

    That would be a great addition. I've checked the code, and it looks like the only difficulty would be to parse "use" statements for the file where the function is declared, whereas for now it is always assumed that there is a class, and that the file name will be inferred from there. But as ReflectionFunctionAbstract provides a getFileName() method, it's technically feasible as well.

    Let me know what you think! If you have no objection to the concept, I can start working on a PR for this feature.

    Copied from original issue: doctrine/common#512

    New Feature 
    opened by guilhermeblanco 13
  • Fix token parsing on latest PHP 8 version, fixes #339

    Fix token parsing on latest PHP 8 version, fixes #339

    This fixes the failing tests from TokenParser on PHP 8.

    There are 10 left Failing tests. But it should be fixed by an PHPUnit Update

    PHPUnit 7.5.20 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.
    .........................................................E....E  63 / 456 ( 13%)
    EEEEEEE........................................................ 126 / 456 ( 27%)
    ............................................................... 189 / 456 ( 41%)
    ............................................................... 252 / 456 ( 55%)
    ............................................................... 315 / 456 ( 69%)
    ......................................S........................ 378 / 456 ( 82%)
    ..................E.....................S...................... 441 / 456 ( 96%)
    ...............                                                 456 / 456 (100%)
    Time: 812 ms, Memory: 10.00 MB
    There were 10 errors:
    1) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\AnnotationRegistryTest::testRegisterLoaderIfNotExistsOnlyRegisteresSameLoaderOnce
    ParseError: syntax error, unexpected token "match", expecting variable
    2) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testIgnoresStaleCache
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    3) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testIgnoresStaleCacheWithParentClass
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    4) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testIgnoresStaleCacheWithTraits
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    5) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testIgnoresStaleCacheWithTraitsThatUseOtherTraits
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    6) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testIgnoresStaleCacheWithInterfacesThatExtendOtherInterfaces
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    7) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testUsesFreshCacheWithTraitsThatUseOtherTraits
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    8) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testPurgeLoadedAnnotations
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    9) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\CachedReaderTest::testAvoidCallingFilemtimeTooMuch
    Method ReflectionParameter::getClass() is deprecated
    10) Doctrine\Tests\Common\Annotations\PhpParserTest::testClassFileDoesNotExist
    Error: Call to undefined method ReflectionUnionType::getName()
    Tests: 456, Assertions: 1049, Errors: 10, Skipped: 2.

    fixes #339

    opened by shyim 12
  • PsrCachedReader::fetchFromCache might return null instead of array under high request rate

    PsrCachedReader::fetchFromCache might return null instead of array under high request rate

    Hi everyone.

    We are fandom and very rare error request.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception TypeError: "Doctrine\Common\Annotations\PsrCachedReader::fetchFromCache(): Return value must be of type array, bool returned" at ...

    This usually happens on applications with the high request rate and some of such caches are empty. The working scenario - new code release which requires to flush caches in order to new changes took in place. When we debug the problem - it is appeared, when some of the requests hit that method and retrieve CacheItem, it has isHit property "true" but value "null". Obviously, we made sure nothing overrides this cache items with null values. Therefore we made conclusion this is "race condition" problem

    We tried different approaches as a hotfix:

    1. Allowing null values in this method doesn't work for us because it triggers error in some other vendor code
    2. Using CacheInterface::get instead of CacheItemPoolInterface makes hit rate better but not ideal and still got small % of errors during load testing
    3. The only working variant we had giving us 100% rate looks quite strange but anyway
            $cacheKey = rawurlencode($cacheKey);
            $item = $this->cache->getItem($cacheKey);
            $raceConditionHit = $item->isHit() && !\is_array($item->get());
            if (($this->debug && ! $this->refresh($cacheKey, $class)) || ! $item->isHit() || $raceConditionHit) {
                if ($raceConditionHit) {
            return $item->get();

    We understand that problem is quite unique and the package is not actively maintained, but since this class is final, it is hard to override this code and it would be great to have working solution in one of the next releases.

    Thank you

    opened by dshatovskiy 6
  • Convert ini_get result to bool before evaluating

    Convert ini_get result to bool before evaluating

    ini_get returns a string, so checking === 0 won't work. Convert ini_get result to bool before evaluating. FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN will return true for ["1", "true", "on" and "yes"] and false for ["0", "false", "off" and "no"]

    opened by 74656c 0
  • #186 check if file exists before asking for mtime

    #186 check if file exists before asking for mtime

    doctrine/annotations handles reading annotations from eval’ed code (as in mock objects) just fine, except that it attempts to determine the modification time via ReflectionClass::getFile() which will return the file and line where the eval() happened. This change adds fix and test for the PsrCachedReader and also fixes CachedReader but without a tests since it’s deprecated.

    Fixes #186

    opened by lstrojny 0
  • Add @type to ignored list

    Add @type to ignored list

    Protobuf protoc compiler generates classes with @type annotation, and parser throw exception on this annotation.

    Use case:

    Framework: Symfony Component: symfony/messenger

    Dispatch protobuf-generated message class through messenger and get exception on message validation step (when validator parse class through doctrine/annotation)

    opened by max-petrovich 0
  • Add support for function annotations in PsrCachedReader.

    Add support for function annotations in PsrCachedReader.

    Working on a project which uses functions and I want to add annotations to the functions and have them cached. Am aware I could just create my own cached reader and do it that way, but thought it might be nice to have support in the library itself.

    One thing, I wasn't sure on is if it should throw an exception if attempt is made to call getFunctionAnnotations on the cached reader when the delegate doesn't support it (as it's not on the interface)? Any thoughts?

    New Feature 
    opened by jenkoian 0
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