Bulit PHP Twitter Clone IN OOP style and using MYSQL Database.


Twitter Twitter Clone (Click to try 🚀 )

Bulit PHP Twitter Clone IN OOP style and using MYSQL Database. AJAX and Jquery for requests without reloading like Follow/unfollow, like, Search users, Show popups like comment , User lists, etc.


  • Sign in / Sign UP
  • Post Image or Normal Tweet.
  • Retweet or Qoute Tweet (You can qoute the qouted tweet).
  • Like Tweet.
  • Add Comment and reply to the comment (Nested Comments).
  • Mention User in Tweet or add hashtag to your tweet.
  • Follow/Unfollow user.
  • Get Notification when any previous action happened.
  • Change Username/Password/Email From Settings.
  • Search users by name and username.
  • Edit Profile Like: (Change :avatar/username/cover etc).

Running locally

Make New Database with name "twitter" then import twitter.sql file in it. then the project is ready to run in localhost!

📷 UI





Tweet and Comments






Edit Account


Preview Image before Tweet


Users List (For following/likedby etc)




Undergraduate Computer Science Student.
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