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Laravel Boilerplate provides you with a massive head start on any size web application. Out of the box it has features like a backend built on CoreUI with Spatie/Permission authorization. It has a frontend scaffold built on Bootstrap 4. Other features such as Two Factor Authentication, User/Role management, searchable/sortable tables built on my Laravel Livewire tables plugin, user impersonation, timezone support, multi-lingual support with 20+ built in languages, demo mode, and much more.


If you come across any issues please report them here.


Thank you for considering contributing to the Laravel Boilerplate project! Please feel free to make any pull requests, or e-mail me a feature request you would like to see in the future to Anthony Rappa at [email protected].

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within this boilerplate, please send an e-mail to Anthony Rappa at [email protected], or create a pull request if possible. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.



  • Question regarding 5.2

    Question regarding 5.2

    Need a general consensus on whether you think I should start over with a fresh copy of 5.2, and rebuild the boilerplate from scratch over the Laravel 5.2 features. There are many features Laravel has by default, especially with the authentication, that I built custom, and I know many people prefer native features. It evolves so fast I just don't know a good quick way to start over with afresh copy since there are custom files everywhere.

    Just looking for feedback.

    opened by rappasoft 65
  • Current Status

    Current Status

    I've obviously have had trouble finding time to work on this project, which sucks because I really enjoy this project.

    My plan is to scrap v3 for now, and take all the work i've done and implement it in v2.

    I'll probably make a legacy branch like I did for 5.1, because I plan on removing the CRUD screens for permission management, since there is no real world use for it, and instead just use a seed file for managing that.

    I recently used the access part for a different project and it works well without it, theres never a need to update permission names on the go since they are hard coded into the backed code. Users/Roles management will remain the same.

    I also had a lot of bug fixes in v3 I found, which i'll implement.

    I believe I will need this boilerplate for a new project of my own soon, so I will have time to work on it in preparation for that.

    Stay tuned and thanks for the ongoing support!

    Work In Progress 
    opened by rappasoft 38
  • Laravel 5.1.11

    Laravel 5.1.11

    : | - they decided to put Authorizable in there. so now it has permission based things. You should check it out. (It's optional to install though)

    opened by Teranode 30
  • Authentication problem

    Authentication problem

    I have setup this many project using boilerplate. but in some project: In local system authentication is smoothly running without any problem but while uploading same file to server and if we try to login it always redirect to login page. can you tell me why is this happening? i am very much thinking about it

    opened by arikazukito 28
  • LB 7.0

    LB 7.0

    There's a reason it seems I haven't been maintaining this project recently:

    I decided to start over with the most up to date Laravel version a couple months ago, and do my best to rewrite the entire application.

    I am about 70% along, I have removed features that are just fluff, I am trying to extract others out to packages along the way (see rappasoft/lockout) and just overall try to make it less opinionated.

    Also, against my better judgement I also added Socialite back in.

    There's no code you can look at yet, as I have it all locally in git.

    Here are some screenshots.

    Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 08 07 25 Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 08 07 34 Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 08 07 54 Work In Progress 
    opened by rappasoft 27
  • Locale on Carbon and date formats

    Locale on Carbon and date formats

    Hello I don't know if the Carbon date for humans should works with current locale.... Is it a problem on my installation ? setlocale(LC_TIME, 'fr_FR');

    opened by error500 27
  • Dynamic rules/validation

    Dynamic rules/validation

    /** * Get the validation rules that apply to the request. * * @return array */ public function rules() { return [ 'projectdate' => 'required|min:3', 'machinetype' => 'required|min:3', 'customer' => 'required|min:3', ]; } Depending on project type i need to validate different inputs.

    I need to handle these dynamicly, is there a way for that or do i have to do this in EloquentProjectRepository?

    opened by digitalit 22
  • php artisan db:seed error

    php artisan db:seed error

    [Illuminate\Database\QueryException] SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error i n your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server v ersion for the right syntax to use near 'CASCADE' at line 1 (SQL: TRUNCATE TABLE users CASCADE)

    opened by odyright 22
  • Dont get socialite to work

    Dont get socialite to work

    Hi again!

    I created my google-app, got all my credentials that i entered to the suggested .env variables. my GOOGLE_REDIREC=

    I have pushed my stuff up to the real server that was registered at google.

    So i tried to create a new app and keys, i applied them on the .env on the server

    And the FIRST time when i click "Login with Google" i get this error: InvalidStateException in AbstractProvider.php line 161: And then i go back, refresh and click the same link i get this error: ClientException in RequestException.php line 89: Client error response [url] [status code] 403 [reason phrase] Forbidden

    Is there anything else I need to do? Cause i do not get any further after that error. I pulled the repo after your latest commit where you stated the Socialite to be fixed. I have done your new migrations and all that jazz.

    Hope we can figure this out as well!

    opened by blomdahldaniel 21
  • Laravel 5.8

    Laravel 5.8

    So far this is what's queued up for the Laravel 5.8 Boilerplate Release:

    • [x] Upgrade to Laravel 5.8
    • [x] Upgrade to phpunit 8.0
    • [x] Upgrade to phpunit-results-printer 0.26.1
    • [x] Upgrade to log viewer 4.7
    • [x] Upgrade to nocaptcha 9.*
    • [x] Upgrade to socialite 4.1
    • [x] Upgrade to spatie/permission to 2.36
    • [x] Upgrade to Laravel Dump Server 1.2
    • [x] Upgrade to debugbar 3.2
    • [x] Upgrade to ide-helper 2.6
    • [x] Upgrade password validation rule to fix ca-cert.json issue
    • [x] Upgrade SweetAlert
    • [x] Update to Laravel commit: 4997f08105d6fb941b1ed2c749ebd2f55fba5a74
    • [x] Remove BladeServiceProvider and register in the boot method of AppServiceProvider as per 5.8 docs
    • [x] Use assertStringContainsString instead of assertContains to make all current tests pass
    • [x] Laravel 5.8 uses bigIncrements as default for the users table so the foreign keys had to be converted to bigIntegers
    • [x] Remove webpatser/laravel-uuid and convert UUID functions to Laravel 5.8’s built in UUID package from Ramsey
    • [x] Remove unneeded laravel-blade directives package
    • [x] Set resource root in webpack
    • [x] Remove withInput parameter in GeneralException since it is covered by the dontReport property of the parent class
    • [x] Don’t report GeneralException errors
    • [x] Add new ReportableException class to throw when you want it to be logged, one of the two can be extended to add new exceptions that you either do or do not want logged. Both still redirect with the flash message.
    • [x] Replace recaptcha with invisible recaptcha
    • [x] Added optional captcha to contact form
    • [x] Updated single login to use features with AuthenticateMiddleware to work with every driver as well as logout users on other devices
    • [x] Remove Session model because it’s only good for one driver and the user can create it if they need it
    • [x] Include redis by default
    • [x] Add laravel auditing to certain models, UI is up to person creating the project
    • [x] Change Clear Session button to be driver agnostic, sets a flag that triggers part of the web middleware to force the user to log out
    • [x] Remove boilerplate html from CoreUI
    • [x] Fix: Socially logged in users get assigned the default role
    • [x] Load helpers with service provider instead of composer which allows better organization, give all existing helper files a Helper postfix
    • [x] Use casts property on User model and refactor

    Let me know if there's anymore requests over the next couple days while I tidy things up.

    enhancement conversation 
    opened by rappasoft 20
  • Socialite Integration

    Socialite Integration

    Would it be possible to add socialite to this project? It seems to me to be unclear as to how you are actually supposed to implement socialite within a project. Normally I'd fork a project for something so simple, but I myself have no idea how to do it.

    opened by freddyheppell 20
  • Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2

    Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2

    Bumps decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2.

    Release notes

    Sourced from decode-uri-component's releases.


    • Prevent overwriting previously decoded tokens 980e0bf


    • Switch to GitHub workflows 76abc93
    • Fix issue where decode throws - fixes #6 746ca5d
    • Update license (#1) 486d7e2
    • Tidelift tasks a650457
    • Meta tweaks 66e1c28


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    • @dependabot rebase will rebase this PR
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    dependencies javascript 
    opened by dependabot[bot] 0
  • Deactivated user can login by requesting password reset

    Deactivated user can login by requesting password reset

    Steps on clean laravel-boileplate v8.3.1 install:

    1. Admin deactivates a user
    2. Deactivated user can't login now, but can click 'Forgot your password?' link
    3. Deactivated user then resets password using email link sent, and after changing password is automatically logged in

    Pretty sure this is not meant to happen, as if this user then logs out again, once again they can't login as 'deactivated'

    opened by redactuk 7
  • v8.3.1(Jan 17, 2022)

  • v8.3.0(Sep 22, 2021)

  • v8.2.2(Jul 11, 2021)

  • v8.2.1(May 31, 2021)

  • v8.2.0(Apr 23, 2021)


    • User search scope
    • Role Scope class
    • Korean (ko) language pack (


    • Updated lock files
    • Updated all tables to laravel-livewire-tables 1.x
    • Updated to Laravel commit: a6ffdbdf416d60c38443725807a260a84dca5045


    • codedungeon/phpunit-result-printer, should use composer test for parallel testing.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v8.1.0(Apr 5, 2021)


    • Parallel testing


    • Updated locks
    • Update to Laravel commit: 5808129a1f702f973c7c31203d16db2066bd9030
    • Upgraded to Laraguard 3.0
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v8.0.3(Feb 20, 2021)


    • Added pt_PT language
    • Added RO language
    • Added missing cors middleware


    • Updated composer
    • Updated yarn
    • Update to Laravel commit: f0de9fd9967d4e1b4427d8458bf8983bc2cde201
    • Upgrade to Laravel Mix 6
    • Fixed 2fa/admin issue (
    • Update pt_BR language
    • Updated failed_jobs table (,


    • Google Analytics tag and config since it's done differently since that was added
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v8.0.1(Dec 13, 2020)


    • Update dependencies
    • Update to laravel commit: ddb26fbc504cd64fb1b89511773aa8d03c758c6d
    • Added sail docker file
    • Update FA language
    • Add 'main' branch to workflow
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v8.0.0(Oct 21, 2020)


    • Added back roave/security-advisories
    • Added new database factories
    • Added Polish languages
    • Added BladeServiceProvider with @captcha directive
    • Added Captcha rule
    • Added Captcha configs to boilerplate configs


    • Update livewire tables to 0.3
    • Updated users/roles table to use new tables
    • Moved livewire components into Frontend/Backend and updated calls
    • Removed type partial and just merged into table format
    • Update PHP to 7.3
    • Update Guzzle to v7
    • Update Laravel to v8
    • Update Socialite to v5
    • Update Laravel UI to v3
    • Update Lockout to v3
    • Update Breadcrumbs to v2
    • Update PHP Pretty Printer to v0.29
    • Update Ignition to v2.3.6
    • Update Collision to v5
    • Condense .env.example
    • Updated tests to use new factories
    • Updated seeders and factories to be namespaced
    • Follow Laravel upgrade guide for v8 and change all the needed files
    • Update to Laravel commit: 8d3ca07c4cff6d36593625ee4b34e19ce2dba15b
    • Update CS/FR/IN languages
    • Sort locale dropdown by language not array key
    • Modified login/register controllers to use new Captcha rule


    • Remove recaptcha
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.2.5(Aug 8, 2020)


    • Min Livewire to 1.3
    • Update Italian Translations
    • Update Indonesia Translations
    • Update Hebrew Translations
    • Make tests compatible with any locale
    • Make backend sidebar logs link a dropdown
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.2.4(Jul 29, 2020)


    • Added GitAds to README, putting here for transparency.
    • Ported over validation for default language files from 6.x BP
    • Added Czech language files


    • Changed default gravatar to be more generic.
    • Use Laravel bootable traits with UUID trait.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.2.3(Jul 27, 2020)

  • v7.2.2(Jul 27, 2020)

  • v7.2.1(Jul 27, 2020)

  • v7.2.0(Jul 26, 2020)


    • Added gravatar to frontend navbar
    • Added breadcrumbs on the frontend on pages that it would benefit on. Added a config item to be able to turn it off. If there are no breadcrumbs for a page the bar won't show.
    • Added SuperAdminCheck, AdminCheck and UserCheck middleware
    • Added scopes for user types
    • Added GET form component
    • Added back ARCANEDEV/LogViewer
    • Add container to all frontend views
    • Publish laravel error pages


    • Update to Laravel commit: 791c87a80d1c5eebd75e1bf499f86899d6b2b26f
    • Change alpine.js @click and @change methods to use x-on/x-change to not interfere with Vue
    • Default old request for user edit page
    • Wrapped backend breadcrumbs in conditional so if there are no breadcrumbs for that page the just don't show.
    • Allow UserTypeCheck to accept multiple types
    • Full width frontend messages partial
    • Prefix all admin permissions with admin. and refactor.
    • Italian language updates


    • Removed an un-needed redirect from LoginController
    • Remove container from frontend master view
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.1.1(Jul 12, 2020)


    • Added method and scope to get users by type
    • Added headerActions to frontend card component


    • Be explicit when showing type labels in the backend
    • Moved frontend user routes to own file
    • Change default password expiration days to 180
    • Change default 'change email' status to true
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.1.0(Jul 7, 2020)

    This release completely changes the way the previous authentication system worked. I probably went through 5 different iterations of a multi auth/guard architecture, but it became too messy and there are too many variables when dealing with different user tables and multiple different sessions. The solution I came up with I think serves the same purpose without the complexities. There is a new type column on the users table that is a predefined list of user types that your system supports, and a middleware to lock parts down to different types. The roles and permissions also have a corresponding type column to organize what roles and permissions are available to what user types, and the backend will only let you choose from the correct ones. For example: Any user of type admin can access the admin area, but they cannot do anything without a corresponding role or permission to a given section. This will let you structure your applications better if the use multiple different user types that have access to different areas, without using different guards, all with one users table and one login form.


    • Add user type check middleware
    • User accounts no longer require roles
    • The roles and permissions a user can have are now constrained by their type
    • Change isAdmin to hasAllAccess, because isAdmin now repurposed to check type
    • Update UserService to reflect type, no longer assign default role to users
    • Delete view backend permission as all users of admin type can view the backend.
    • Add type column to user/role tables
    • Update the global gate to check hasAllAccess instead of isAdmin, since now an admin may not have all access
    • Remove redirect and default user role from boilerplate config
    • Update factories and seeders
    • When creating a user from the backend, a new type dropdown is available, and will show the correct roles/permissions for that type to be able to choose from and validate on the backend
    • Update all old instances of isAdmin to hasAllAccess, and use new isAdmin where applicable
    • Frontend user dashboard now limited to user type
    • When creating/editing a role, only the permissions related to the type will be available to choose from
    • Add spatie/activitylog
    • Add events for roles and users
    • Add role event subscriber
    • Boolean for whether or not 2FA is required for admin
    • Added Terms & Conditions checkbox with validation to registration
    • Added dummy Terms & Conditions page
    • Added UUID trait back if needed
    • Added ability to only allow users to be assigned roles from the backend and not additional permissions


    • Change password histories to be polymorphic
    • Make alert banners shorter vertically
    • Refactor system to use user types to define who can view certain areas, then use roles and permissions from there to narrow down further.
    • Update all tests
    • Require 2FA to be enabled to access admin
    • Change 2FA restricted redirect to enable 2FA page
    • Automatically load roles and permissions for users and permissions for role models
    • Move user event namespace
    • Move HomeController out of auth domain
    • Change account tabs from vertical to normal because they respond better


    • Removed accountant package
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.0.3(Jul 2, 2020)


    • Updated breadcrumbs to be more readable
    • Update link utility to allow slot
    • Add note for Gate::after in AuthServiceProvider if wanted
    • Change title bar delimiter from - to |
    • Update yarn and composer
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.0.2(Jun 30, 2020)

  • v7.0.1(Jun 30, 2020)


    • Missing captcha functionality for login/register


    • Seed second role in production not just testing


    • Duplicate user tests
    • Terser in mix file
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v7.0.0(Jun 27, 2020)

    Started from scratch with a blank Laravel 7.* installation. This release is not an upgrade, and for that reason it is impossible to document all the changes that occurred. This version should be used for new projects.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v6.0.5(Jun 26, 2020)

  • v6.0.4(Apr 9, 2020)

  • v6.0.1(Oct 22, 2019)


    • Added facade/ignition-code-editor to be able to edit files right from ignition screens
    • Added facade/ignition-self-diagnosis to for useful checklist of things that could get fixed when encountering an error
    • Added facade/ignition-tinker-tab which adds a tinker tab in ignition which uses laravel tinker behind the scenes to be able to use tinker right from error screens


    • Update to Laravel Commit 953b488b8bb681d4d6e12227645c7c1b7ac26935 (Without password confirmation stuff)
    • Fix socialite bug (
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v6.0.0(Sep 9, 2019)


    • Added captcha to login request
    • Added server variable that denotes whether or not the application is currently running tests, false by default but enabled by phpunit.xml
    • Added security headers middleware with everything disabled by default
    • Added Mail globals to .env.example
    • Added Email validation to contact form
    • Added the package to replace my home grown impersonate feature with much stronger functionality


    • Upgrade to Laravel 6.0
    • Update to laravel commit: 31394de4d736c171d40bb03d50313c60b0e4af38
    • Enabled debugbar models
    • Converted “Demo Mode” to “Read Only Mode” to be more generic
    • Update package versions
    • .env.example Laravel version
    • Hide sidebar ‘System’ label unless admin
    • Added blade include snippets instead of attributes on the model, if they returned any sort of html
    • Don’t preinstall predis or force redis as any driver
    • Condense language dropdown padding
    • Refactor socialite buttons to php includes
    • Add array of paths that can not be accessed as GET requests in read only mode
    • Update base repository and refactor anything that broke


    • Removed unused avatar images from CoreUI
    • Removed dashboard as parent breadcrumb for certain sections
    • Removed unused key in app.php
    • Removed default string length of 191 because everyone should be above MySQL 5.7.7 at this point.
    • Removed all html being returned from attribute classes in favor of blade include snippets
    • Removed laravel dump server, laravel tinker, laravel self-diagnosis from default install
    • Removed backend.php config file and just put comment in layout file
    • Removed unused helper file
    • Removed letrunghieu/active for homegrown one since I’m not waiting for them to update to laravel 6.0
    • Removed owen-it/laravel-auditing until it supports Laravel 6.0
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.3.8(Aug 21, 2019)


    • Added Azerbaijan language (
    • Added NIST Password Rules (


    • Assign all permissions to the Admin role without the need to explicitly assign the roles/permissions to the user. (


    • Removed default Google scopes (
    • Removed ChangePassword rule as the new NIST rules cover it
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v5.3.7(Aug 21, 2019)


    • Actual changelog


    • Repository name since 6.0 is about to release
    • Upgrade to laravel commit bb433725483803a27f21d3b21317072610bc3e9c
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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Certified Laravel | Laravel Boilerplate Creator | PHP
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LUBUS 41 Jan 3, 2022
Laravel 5 boilerplate with front-end and back-end support

Laravel 5 Boilerplate with Skeleton framework Skeleton (as of now) Laravel 5 framework application. Application includes and/or are currently being us

Robert Hurd 40 Sep 17, 2021
Laravel + Angularjs + Bootstrap + AdminLTE binded by Gulp workflow Admin Dashboard Boilerplate / Starter.

Laravel Angular Admin Laravel + Angularjs + Bootstrap + AdminLTE binded by Gulp workflow Admin Dashboard Boilerplate. Plus Oauth and JWT authenticatio

Alex Quiambao 927 Nov 4, 2022
A simple boilerplate for Laravel + Vue with authentication through Sanctum/Fortify

About this boilerplate Basic boilerplate to quickly and easy get started with a Laravel API and a Vue SPA frontend. Nothing has been done, so everythi

ikoncept 1 Dec 2, 2021
Laravel and Nuxt.js boilerplate

Laravel + Nuxt.js Boilerplate Now supporting Nuxt v3 Examples on using Dark Mode, authentication, and listing data What is included NUXT v3 front end,

Fume 391 Nov 30, 2022