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Build scalable API's faster | With PHP 7.2.5 and Laravel 7.0

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Apiato is a framework for building scalable and testable API-Centric Applications with PHP, build on top of Laravel.

It is designed to help you build scalable API's faster, by providing tools and functionalities that facilitates the development of any API-Centric App.

Apiato uses the best frameworks, tools and conventions in a very creative way, to deliver a rich set of features for a modern PHP Application.

Why!? Because setting up a solid API from scratch is time consuming (and of course, time is money!). Apiato gives you the core features of robust API's fully documented, for free; so you can focus on writing your business logic, thus deliver faster to your clients.

Why API-Centric Apps?
Today we’re living in a digital era, where almost everything is connected to the Internet.

Building cross-devices applications is becoming a must. And to do it, you need APIs (Application Programing Interfaces).

Web developers are used to serve HTML pages directly from the Backend. However, this traditional method has many disadvantages nowadays.

API's can serve anything and everything (Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Smart TVs, Smart Watches,...).
As well as, it can be exposed to the world allowing developers to interact with your Application and help growing your business.

API-Centric Apps allows Frontend (Web + Mobile) and Backend developers to work on their codes in parallel. 
After the Frontend Apps are ready they get attached to the Backend (API-Centric) code to start functioning. 
This leads to zero decoupling between the Frontend and the Backend code and also removes the dependencies. 
The API documentation acts as the contract between both sides during the development life cycle of all the Apps.


Apiato comes with an amazing list of features.

Apiato Features


Apiato is built using the new architectural pattern Porto.

Porto SAP is a modern Software Architectural Pattern, designed to help developers organize their Code in a super maintainable way. It is very helpful for big and long term projects, as they tend to have higher complexity with time.

It's completely optional to build your application using the Porto architecture. Alternatively, you can build it using the MVC architecture, and still benefit from all the features of Apiato.

Apiato Docs

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Feel free to dive in! Fix open Issues and submit new features.
Make sure you check our contribution guide before getting started.
Apiato follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

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  • An Exception occurred when trying to authenticate the User

    An Exception occurred when trying to authenticate the User

    I set in .env file QUERIES_DEBUG=true

    I open admin to login. put the email and password click the "login" button The page show "An Exception occurred when trying to authenticate the User"

    Why? How to fix? Thank you

    opened by maliang 38
  •  Has the project stopped updating? How to plan next. happy New Year!

    Has the project stopped updating? How to plan next. happy New Year!

    Has the project stopped updating? How to plan next. happy New Year!

    opened by Osub 27
  • Any upgrades in near future? Laravel 5.8 or 6.0?

    Any upgrades in near future? Laravel 5.8 or 6.0?

    Hello! Are any updates planned for the near future? Will laravel upgrade to 5.8 or 6.0? Or is the project already abandoned? Thanks for any information.

    opened by serj42 20
  • Hashed Id's returning hash of primary key when value is null

    Hashed Id's returning hash of primary key when value is null

    Expected Behavior

    Return null for the attribute that is null

    Actual Behavior

    Return hash of primary key when attribute is null

    Steps to Reproduce the Problem

    1. Create model with PrimaryKeyId, OtherIdToHash attributes
    2. In transformer for model, hash both PrimaryKeyId and OtherKeyId. See code below.
    3. Retrieve saved model where OtherKeyId is null. The transformer returns hash of the primary key


    • Apiato Version: 2.0.7

    Additional Details

    Code in transformer ` public function transform(MyModel $entity) { $response = [ 'object' => 'MyObject', 'Id' => $entity->getHashedKey(), 'OtherKeyId' => $entity->getHashedKey($entity->OtherKeyId), ];

        return $response;

    Expected JSON: { "data": [ { "object": "MyObject", "Id": "xbd95q89l87mlvng", "OtherKeyId": null, } ] } Actual JSON: { "data": [ { "object": "MyObject", "Id": "xbd95q89l87mlvng", "OtherKeyId": "xbd95q89l87mlvng", } ] }

    opened by desertfoxmb 14
  • App\Ship\Parents\Providers\EventsProvider Default  Not Provider

    App\Ship\Parents\Providers\EventsProvider Default Not Provider

    in ApiatoProvier.php file

        public $serviceProviders = [
            // Third Party Packages Providers:
            // add the Laravel Tinker Service Provider
            // Internal Apiato Providers:
            EventServiceProvider::class, //The custom apiato eventserviceprovider
            RoutesProvider::class, // exceptionally adding the Route Provider, unlike all other providers in the parents.
            ShipProvider::class, // the ShipProvider for the Ship third party packages.
            GeneratorsServiceProvider::class, // the code generator provider.

    not include EventsProvider

    Should add to ShipProvider.php by hand ?

    opened by yesterday679 14
  • Fresh install of stable returning ValueObject not found error

    Fresh install of stable returning ValueObject not found error

    Expected Behavior

    Fresh install of apiato should return no errors.

    Actual Behavior

    An error page occurs, and checking laravel.log file contains this error:

    [2017-12-11 07:55:56] local.ERROR: Class 'Apiato\Core\Abstracts\ValueObjects\ValueObject' not found {"exception":"[object] (Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException(code: 1): Class 'Apiato\\Core\\Abstracts\\ValueObjects\\ValueObject' not found at D:\\Projects\
    #0 {main}

    Steps to Reproduce the Problem

    1. composer create-project apiato/apiato my-api
    2. Follow the rest of the steps at the Installation Guide


    • Apiato Version: Surprisingly, I pulled stable, but composer tells me apiato/core is loaded from dev-master.

    Additional Details

    opened by ralphstodomingo 13
  • 404 not found

    404 not found

    Hi! I'm just curious about Hello-API, reading the documentation I feel it's a really good starting point to create a brand new API using Laravel. So, I followed the installation instructions and everything seems to be fine. API responds. That's ok. The point is that the response from API is always 404.

    curl -X POST -H "Accept: application/json" -F "[email protected]" -F "password=secret#pass" -F "name=John Doe" ""

    The answer is:

    {"message":"404 Not Found","status_code":404}%

    Am I forgetting something?

    opened by rayoplateado 13
  • Filter Transformers

    Filter Transformers

    This update updates the transformer when requesting an endpoint with ?filter=name;email;x parameters. Thereby, all "unwanted" fields are removed from the resultset.

    Works with all currently provided Serializers (DataArraySerializer, JsonApiSerializer, ...)

    This fixes issue #140 .

    opened by johannesschobel 13
  • Model Factory from Unit test does not trigger model events

    Model Factory from Unit test does not trigger model events

    Calling model factory create in unit test for example factory(App\User::class)->create() Will not trigger Model Events (

    Steps to Reproduce the Problem

    Create the following Observers In for example User Container add some User factory and call it from unit tests you will see that model events are not triggered.


    • Apiato Version: "apiato/core": "dev-master",

    Additional Details

    I have tested the same behavior with laravel 5.6 and the events are fired While debugging this bug in apiato I came to The custom apiato eventserviceprovider \Apiato\Core\Abstracts\Events\Providers\EventServiceProvider If we comment the loading of this provider in \Apiato\Core\Providers\ApiatoProvider::$serviceProviders the model event will be triggered.

    Maybe the order of provider register should be different, need more time to debug. Please advice if you already have a solution.

    opened by denis019 12
  • Generator not working with command line params

    Generator not working with command line params

    Expected Behavior

    Use command line params as described to kick start generation process

    Actual Behavior

    Error during creation. Works as expected without -c, -f command line parameters

    n Filesystem.php line 41:

    File does not exist at path C:\projectpath\vendor\apiato\core\Generator/Stubs/actions/0.stub

    Steps to Reproduce the Problem

    Run php artisan apiato:generate:action -cContainer -fDoSomethingAction


    • Apiato Version: 2.2

    Additional Details

    opened by desertfoxmb 12
  • Request Default Support for Laravel Sanctum.

    Request Default Support for Laravel Sanctum.

    Requesting the support for Laravel Sanctum for small / Medium sized projects

    Ref - As its recommended for simplicity in designing of Auth Service.

    opened by brunoalfred 0
  • Cache doesn't work for $this->repository->paginate();

    Cache doesn't work for $this->repository->paginate();


    Cache doesn't work for $this->repository->paginate(); while it works for 'all', 'find', 'findByField', 'findWhere', 'getByCriteria'

    Expected Behavior:

    Cache should work for $this->repository->paginate();


    • Apiato Version: 9.0.0
    • PHP Version: 7.4.4

    Steps To Reproduce:

    1. Enable cache setting in .env
    2. Call $this->repository->paginate(); task and check if it hits the cache

    Possible solution:

    When call $this->repository->paginate();, the paginate() of the abstract class Repository is called(/app/Ship/core/Abstracts/Repositories/Repository.php) then parent::paginate($limit, $columns, $method) is called. This paginate function SHOULD be from CacheableRepository of the I5-repository package in order to use the cache service, however, actually it is from BaseRepository.

    So I created another abstract class ParentRepository as below:

    namespace Apiato\Core\Abstracts\Repositories;
    use Prettus\Repository\Contracts\CacheableInterface as PrettusCacheable;
    use Prettus\Repository\Eloquent\BaseRepository as PrettusRepository;
    use Prettus\Repository\Traits\CacheableRepository as PrettusCacheableRepository;
    abstract class ParentRepository extends PrettusRepository implements PrettusCacheable
        use PrettusCacheableRepository;

    and updated the Repository.php extends thisParentRepository instead.

    namespace Apiato\Core\Abstracts\Repositories;
    use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config;
    use Prettus\Repository\Criteria\RequestCriteria as PrettusRequestCriteria;
    use Request;
     * Class Repository.
     * @author  Mahmoud Zalt <[email protected]>
    abstract class Repository extends ParentRepository
         * Define the maximum amount of entries per page that is returned. 
         * Set to 0 to "disable" this feature
        protected $maxPaginationLimit = 0;

    This fixes the problem at this moment. Does anyone have a better suggestion? Thank you!

    Priority:Low Type:Bug 
    opened by Jedliu 0
  • Search Query Parameter with hashId

    Search Query Parameter with hashId

    Expected to use hashid in search param but had to use real id

    tested as admin on: {{url}}/v1/users?search=id:1 with HASH_ID=true in .env

    opened by Nesh83 3
  • Feature: GraphQL

    Feature: GraphQL

    It would be nice to take advantage of GraphQL

    opened by luciano-jr 8
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