🔒 Laravel validation rule that checks if a password has been exposed in a data breach.


🔒 Laravel Password Exposed Validation Rule

This package provides a Laravel validation rule that checks if a password has been exposed in a data breach. It uses the haveibeenpwned.com passwords API via the divineomega/password_exposed library.

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To install, just run the following Composer command.

composer require divineomega/laravel-password-exposed-validation-rule

Please note that this package requires Laravel 5.1 or above.


The following code snippet shows an example of how to use the password exposed validation rule.

use DivineOmega\LaravelPasswordExposedValidationRule\PasswordExposed;

    'password' => ['required', new PasswordExposed()],

If you wish, you can also set a custom validation message, as shown below.

use DivineOmega\LaravelPasswordExposedValidationRule\PasswordExposed;

    'password' => ['required', (new PasswordExposed())->setMessage('This password is not secure.')],
  • Having issue on Windows.

    Having issue on Windows.

    Hi I am on windows and it's throwing an exception Your PHP installation does not supportsys_getloadavg(Windows?). Please setunixLoadUpperThresholdto-1in your DOFileCache config, but the unixLoadUpperThreshold is already set to -1 (default config) and I am still getting the above message. Any help would be great...


    opened by jason-guru 8
  • README: add more info how it works

    README: add more info how it works

    added a sentence and link that explains a bit more how it works, so future potential users don't have to go through composer.json and the library's README to find out.

    opened by janpio 2
  • Requires SSL?

    Requires SSL?

    Granted i'm in dev mode at the moment on a local homestead install, but I'm getting errors about not using SSL. Would the hookup with the underlying API require SSL perchance?

    Might be worth adding this to the readme too, in case. 👍

    opened by codepotato 1
  • Add PHP 8.0 support.

    Add PHP 8.0 support.

    • Allow PHP 8.0.
    • Update password_exposed to ensure PHP 8.0 is allowed there.
    • Remove a reference to a nonexistent directory in test config; blocked tests.
    • Update distro reference as Trusty doesn't support 8.0.
    opened by jameswilddev 0
  • Consider renaming rule to follow conventions

    Consider renaming rule to follow conventions

    First off, I think this is a great package!

    The only thing that stood out to me as a bit strange was the naming of the rule, PasswordExposed.

    We chatted about this briefly on Twitter, but I'll expand a little bit more here.

    If you look at Laravel's built-in validation rules, they are all named after the valid state of the field, rather than the invalid state. E.g. email, string, date. Additionally, the example custom Rule in the Laravel docs that validates that a field is all uppercase characters is called Uppercase.

    I think this package would have greater symmetry with Laravel's own rules if was named PasswordNotExposed (or NotPwned 😂)

    Obviously this is a pretty fundamental change, so you may like to consider keeping a PasswordExposed class that extends PasswordNotExposed to maintain backwards compatibility (I'm assuming that would work?)

    I'm happy to submit a PR if you like this idea, but given that it's renaming the main file of the package, I figured you might want your own name on that commit :)

    opened by jessarcher 0
  • Unable to Mock in Application Tests

    Unable to Mock in Application Tests

    I'm attempting to use this library in a project. I'd like to be able to mock it during unit tests, so my local tests don't try to reach out to external systems. However, the library exposes no hooks to slip in a mock during testing. I tried to skirt the issue by resolving an instance of the rule from the Laravel container, but that ended up bypassing the internal factory method.

    opened by mcordingley 2
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